In the globalized World of 2014 , you would think people  will not be discriminated because of their origin.
In the world of Wikipedia, Google and all different informative channels, you will think people will stop asking people of African origins if they live on tree and if the swam to Europe or do they eat human beings.
You will expect everyone to have equal human rights regardless of their skin colour, religion, language or origin.
When people ask me where I am from? and I say Greece, I will love not to have to explain myself. The fact that the system doesn't accept me as a Greek , doesn't make me less Greek.
I know I am not the only one who always get asked of their origin or are even stuck in a hostile, racist and elitist system.
I am not here to tell you how to feel or to write another angry post but I have been wondering if we all really say we want to make a change in this world, why are these things still happening ? why do we always keep quiet when something doesn't 'touch us' why do we raise kids that are so wrapped up in their own little world?
I can keep going but I will let you all think about it and way in your opinions.
I have never and will never shut tup in front of any kind of injustice.
I have speaking on TV, giving interviews and will keep doing just that and more until I pray all this discrimination against second generations of immigrants in Greece and anywhere in the world are justified. I am praying for a world with no emotional, social, economic border, where we are all equal and the love in us make us love and respect another.
I am proud to be an ambassador of Generation 2.0

My previous interviews: here on ITV, and magazines here & here.

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Wearing: Vintage Skirt and belt. Shoes: Tamaris , Necklase: Dorothy Perkins, Bag: Picard, Levis Denim jacket
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  1. Do what you do doll.... I except you as a greek becauses greeks have heart....

  2. To be honest, I didnt know why these things still happens nowadays. The fact is that people keeps to be close in their own little world, with prejudice and ignorance, despite words, facts speak. And you know, you always inspire me with ur yoga lessons, I wish I was there to take some with you!:) Looking smashing my girls! xo

  3. You look amazing and the photos are so funny and bright. It totally doesn't go with the post... I know this problem still exists and it's making me sad. I do hope very soon it'll totally vanish from the planet.
    I think being Greek or Polish or whatever is the matter of not body but mind. It's how you've been raised, how you think and feel. That's why you are Greek and nobody else (or may be someone else as well if you feel like that)

  4. I am so people could be so dumb....
    You are greek as i am italian. Don't care about them, be merciful as they are narrow minded....

  5. I am Luxembourgish even though I was born in Asia and look Asian. I think it is kind of 'normal' though when people wonder about my origin and are curious because I am occasionally guilty of the same (even though I should know better).

  6. Hmmm, it breaks my heart to read this and i just want you to know, i feel your pain Naomi. I know exactly how you feel. Trust me, you are not a lone. It is sad but we can't let the ignorance of others change who we are. We only become their prisoners. You celebrate your culture, your home, your beliefs and you are making a difference by doing that. I commend you for being so brave and outspoken. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Keep doing what you do and continue to inspire. Love you girl :)).

  7. Sigh. I'm sad that things like this is still an issue. I hope and encourage you to continue to speak out for what you believe in!

    xo, Yi-chia

  8. I had no idea this was even an issue Adeola. And I'm sorry to hear, I can't imagine what it must feel like to be treated like a stranger or intruder in your country. It's sad that in todays day and age people are still treated this way. Like we haven't learned lessons from the past to know that love and human acceptance is vital for our survival. I suppose our biggest downfalls as humans is that we hate change and we don't do well with it. I think most countries have gone through that at some point, hold hope and know one day it will get better. Have faith.


  9. You inspire me, Adeola! It's a difficult subject to talk about because discrimination is quite personal. But it does happen all over and to basically everyone in some shape or form. Hopefully some day soon we won't have to have discussions about it anymore. :)

  10. that is inspire me, so nice imagine of the style

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  11. Tell 'em girl.... Its crazy what we have to deal with sometimes, but that does not determine who we are and I'm glad regardless of what you go through you still find ways to inspire people and show them the beauty you posses inside. You are an amazing person, and don't let anyone take that away from you (you know that already *wink*)
    You sure had fun taking these photos, they are beautiful and inspiring as always....

    BTW, What's up with them yoga poses on IG, Girl be careful! (ahn ahn in my Nigerian tone) *smile*

    Have a great weekend!

  12. You are hilarious , you and your Nigerian tone!

    Thank you so so much! I am sure you girls are having an amazing weekend too!

  13. Thank you Cheryl and hope we all see those days soon! Have a splendid Sunday!

  14. Thank you dear and I strongly believe that LOVE will always prevail.

  15. Love you dear and thank you for always being truly inspiring and supporting!
    You are a true gem!

  16. Curiosity about anyone's origin is okay the moment that turn into snazzy elitist remark is where I draw the line. When I got asked if we eat human beings in Africa, that is where it became ignorance and not curiosity.

  17. That is the point of the shooting, we all chose love , happiness and serenity against anything negative and harmful in all circumstances. Thank you for your lovely comment!

  18. Thank you bella cara!! You are always welcome to some yoga classes soon together!

  19. I am greek living abroad, in a country that if u are not blond you are just another immigrant... doesn't have to do only with the colour of the skin...but also with the colour of the hair! lol
    btw I am so glad that there are greeks like you!:)

  20. GREAT fashion post as always :) Have you had a lovely autumn so far ?? here in Gothenburg its sunny and warm like its summertime again

    Check out my new post ...Sexy classy bedroom inspiration :)

    have a fab week dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)

  21. Μια χαρα τα λες στο videaki Αντιόλα... επιτελους εμαθα που τονίζεται το ονομα σου lol :)
    Εχεςι σπουδασει Λογοθεραπεια! Ειχα πάει πριν μερικα χρονια σε λογοθεραπευτρια... ενδιαφερουσα δουλεια θα πρεπει να ειναι.

    ΦΙλία και καλό βραδυ

  22. And by the way εγω αντυμετωπιζω το αντιθετοαπο εσένα... γιατί ειμαι τόσο άσπρη! Εχω βαρεθει να με ρωτανε το καλοκαιρι γιατι δεν μαυριζω και πως μπορω να εμφανίζομαι ετσι. Και εχω βαρεθει να απαντώ οτι ετσι ειμαι και ειναι λίγο προσβλητικό να λες σε κάποιον έμεσα οτι δεν σου αρεσει το χρώμα του δερματός του. Με κοιτάνε σα να έχω καποιο πρόβλημα χα χα!


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