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So many girls dreamt of being a ballerina, it was never my dream but I love the girly feeling I get when I put on a tulle skirt.
  In the last week, I came across so many articles on the web that "attack" and judge bloggers expressing themselves/ stating their opinions on their own blogs.

What baffled me and still is that those criticizing the blogger are people who you will expect to support them, their own readers. When do people become so "Holy than thou" that the forget to respect others, just because you don't agree with them?
I was reading about a vegan blogger who decided veganism is not working for her body anymore and for her own reasons, she is entitled to change her mind, but heaven helps us what follows when she posted this on her blog. she was attacked and was called names.
People forget that what works for you might not works for me, I am entitled to new experiences and if it is not right for my body , I am also entitled to change my mind.
On the same day someone else attacked another blogger in the comment section of her blog because she stated that she would love to have a WIFI connection on flights.
The pattern goes on and on, but why are we people nowadays so easy to judge others and immediately attack them because we don't agree with them.
I follow blog I like not because I always agree with the blogger because it is great to be challenged by a different individual with an entirely different background and principles. I value everyone's freedom of speech and believe we should all do,
In a word where we all agree, then something is definitely wrong with that world.
But we need a world where we can all put our differences aside and respect every individual, the way we would want them to respect us.
Don't we all started blogging because we want to express ourselves? would you like to read a blog with no originality or any authenticity?
Please let me know your honest opinion.

wearing: H&M: conscious line skirt,
Esprit: stripe top,
Persunmall: bag
Gabor: wedges, 
Romwe: blazer and sunnies.
Vintage store: Earrings and bangles.
 photo BucketBag_zps6f1a2aee.jpg  photo CIMG0374_zps02b43665.jpg  photo CIMG0375_zpsafd5146d.jpg  photo CIMG0372_zps3459647a.jpg  photo CIMG0386_zpsde709c6c.jpg  photo CIMG0383_zps5f5c222c.jpg  photo CIMG0403_zps53be3802.jpg  photo CIMG0384_zps9dd79521.jpg

Let's all get along and be ballerinas!
Have a wonderful week.


  1. I have your same opinion! And usually I hate and avoid that kind of comments as they irritate me a lot! Maybe there is no more tolerance or the thinking in different way. Btw, you are looking gorgeous, I want a skirt as yours! Hugs girl, have a great week! xo

  2. seriously! everyone has the right to their opinion and we should all be open and respectful!


    Jump Into Puddles

  3. We feel the same way about people leaving negative comments on blogs, if you don't like what someone is about just don't visit their blog, its that simple - better than being disrespectful. We were raised differently in different cultures, so we won't always feel the same way - get it!

    I want that skirt, love the layering and fun photos. You look fab girl.

    Have a great week!



  4. Nice skirt and bag! I have to say that I believe that blogging is a free self expression. I like reading blogs different that mine because I always have something to learn!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  5. The skirt is lovely on you. Yes, it's sad when people resort to heavy criticism, fashion and blogging like anything else is creative expression. We all are different and that's part of the beauty of it--noone is exactly the same. I agree, there's no reason to be negative.

  6. I can't believe that people online can be so judgmental and mean, its uncalled for and so unnecessary, we need to make it stop. You look so beautiful hun, love this pretty skirt. Have a great week further dear :)

  7. Love this skirt, this outfit is so pretty and cute :)



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