Postcards from Regensburg

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 Regensburg to me is that small, safe and beautiful place you accidentally find yourself and then you just don't want to leave.
There is something about Bavaria that makes my heart melt, the majestic aristocratic castles, the nature and the culture. Before moving to Germany, if you tell I will grow to love it this much I would laugh at you, it was meant to be a place of transit, just for a while and even though I am sure that in some few years I will be elsewhere again. It is not about the country though, I am the butterfly who is always on the move, but I think Munich and generally Germany is winning me over. Living in Munich is a gift people take for granted, but if you are a travelling soul then you know it is the best place to live in Europe.

Because with its ups and down, you are still lucky to be in the very heart of Europe, you are connected to everywhere in Europe, surrounded by small treasures of Bavaria and still get the big city life.
My experience exploring Bavaria will be documented on here and on Instagram, as some of you already know , using the #discoverGermany hashtag.
On one sunny Saturday, we took the train to Regensburg and also visited Walhalla temple.
We spend the entire day exploring, eating, drinking and of course taking pictures and getting to meet new awesome people from everywhere.
Here is Regensburg as I see it, hope you like it and virtually travel with this post.
Have you been to Regensburg? or will you like to?

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 Thanks to Tanya for the Images, all edited by me.


  1. Regensburg looks like a great place to visit! Very beautiful photos. Glad to know that you are enjoying your time in Germany.

  2. I want to be there right now! Im glad you had a great time with your friends, the photos make me smile! And I love the new blog template too! Hugs girl xo

  3. Your story and those pictures made me want to visit Regensburg! Lovely post!


  4. Ajnira MuminovicJuly 21, 2014 at 3:16 PM

    looks awesome :D

  5. It looks like a wonderful place! I love the Bavarian architecture. :)

  6. You look happy in those pictures. It must be a fun place to be.

  7. have a great day!

  8. This looks like a beautiful peaceful place. I am glad you are enjoying yourself.

  9. Imperfecti I'mperfectiJuly 21, 2014 at 7:29 PM

    have a good holidays!!!

  10. Great that you were able to visit Regensburg, it is such a beauitiful place and the rest of Bayern in general. Thanks for your lovely comments and bday wishes dear. xx
    Liebe Grüße,

  11. It was! Thanks for the comment and passing by.

  12. Me too, always eccentric and grandeur! Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Thank you so much sweetie! Maybe when you come we can visit again together!

  14. Thanks Jessica and you should sometimes.

  15. You've done justice to the photos with your post, Naomi! Great job!


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