Fitness Friday: Avocado Sandwich

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Anyone who knows a thing or two about fitness, knows that what you eat is very important.
If you workout every day but still eat crap everyday, you are not going to see any result, no matter how hard you try.
As my nutritionist always remind me, having a strong and healthy body is a 50-50 balance between working out and what you put in your body.
The food you eat is the fuel you put in your body, if you don't eat well, don't expect your body to work well.
Have you ever try starting a car with no fuel? that is how your body feels when you expect it to work without food.
Here is a simple easy midday break or light dinner sandwich.
I am an avocado addict, so the fact that this is my favourite sandwich is not a brainer.
You need:
As many avocados as you can eat,
two fresh tomatoes,
black slices of toast bread,
two slices of goat meat cheese.
place everything on your bread after cutting them and tadar!!
Did I mention this is a protein filled sandwich and definetely not your average sandwich.
I personally use organic ingredients in all my meals, just so you know.
Have a wonderful weekend you all.
Are you also an avocado lover?


  1. Thanks for this healthy recipe, I love eating well and correctly :)


  2. I agree with you and your nutritionist! Im a huge avocado lover as well, definitely will try yur yummy sandwich! Hugs my friend! xo

  3. Looks delicious. I am always looking for new ways to use Avocados.

  4. I love avocado but unfortunately I rarely eat it.

  5. I hate avocado :o( I always feel like I'm missing out. And this looks like a pretty awesome sandwich. Maybe I should give avocados a go?


  6. avocados are one of my faves


    Jump Into Puddles

  7. Love avocado, το σαντουιτς φαινεται πολύ νόστιμο!
    Καλοφάγωτο κούκλα :)


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