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"I don’t have perfectly square edges. And I can’t fit inside anyone else’s box. My passions are too wild to be tamed. My dreams are too big for any cage."

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How do others  opinions affect your ambitions and aspirations?
We live in a world where people are easily prone to put each other down, to tell others what they can or can't do.
As a human being and social being, we are all born with a burning passion in us. The moment we allow the inputs of others, whether people who know us or those who live with an illusion  of what we are suppose to do with our lives and what ambitions we are allowed to have.
We start putting ourselves in the cage of their expectation and  doubt our own intuition, dreams and aspirations.
My beautiful grandma always tell us that people are poor because ignorance not because of lack of money.

she will say never give a poor man money but give him education, knowledge and understand of how to get the money for himself, because that is when you are really helping, by giving him money, you confirm to him that all he can be in life is a beggar. He will believe it because he doesn't know any better and he will never strive for anything in his live.
What a waste!
 Being raised in a family of over achievers and being sent to boarding school at a very early age, teaches me that everything I want in my heart I MUST strive for, that I deserve greatness if only I am ready to do all that it takes and that my passions should be fuelled and encouraged.
I am still young and learning from everyone that passes through my life and getting the privilege to be a part of diverse group of individuals from all over the globe, whose soul purpose is to live a life of passion, so as to inspire others to do the same no matter how that passion is express is inspiring to me, and I am happy to share with all of you my story and my journey as grow, connect, inspire and get inspired.
What is the #besomebody platform and how can you join this love filled and passion fuelled family?
All answers are right her:

#Besomebody is the World’s Platform for Passion, with passion-centric content reaching over 4 million people in more than 180 countries every month. Thanks to people all over the world, we’ve grown from a motivational mantra into a first-of-its-kind global platform that enables people all over the world to explore, discover and unleash their passions. In 2014, we’re introducing a new program called Inspired by #besomebody ™ (IBB) - a global network of diverse people – athletes, artists, activists, adventurers, etc – who’ve committed to go ALL IN on their passions. They’re living their lives with passion at the center and inspiring others along the way.
The IBB Network is growing everyday, and if selected, you get discounted merchandise, content, connections and experiences with people who share your passion. Together, we’re creating the World’s Platform for Passion.
want to join us and go ALL IN? click here.
Why live a mediocre life, when you can do so much better?
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  1. Dressed with soulJuly 28, 2014 at 7:13 PM

    I love the pattern of your maxi skirt so much and the black shirt is the perfect match!

    xx from Germany, Rena

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  2. what a do over! love the new layout! your little talk is actually very inspiring! we should put passion in the midst of all we do! finally loving your energy in that post! beaut !!!

  3. Fun look! Loving that skirt!


  4. For sure, only reading these positive words encourages me and makes me feel inspired. You are great to be part in that platform and your grandma is a real wise woman, this are the kind of reading I needed right now and you, my friend, are so smashing and trendy in this look!:) Hugs! xo

  5. You look great, and what a FUN skirt! Love your blog design, too, so fresh! :)

  6. Great post and very inspiring.

  7. Awesome look, beautiful words! Let's #besomebody ™
    kisses doll have fun

  8. You are a very smart girl, and wise. I really admire you.

  9. Great, inspiring post! Everybody should definitely #besomebody and live life to the fullest. And the outfit you're sporting here is just perfect. You look beautiful! ♥

  10. What a beautiful message and i couldn't agree more. You just made that t-shirt even more glorified with that gorgeously printed maxi skirt. You are looking good!!

  11. LOVE your tee, such a great message. You look amazing!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. I totally agree with you! Education and a positive attitude are greater assets than money.

  13. Floortje van CootenJuly 29, 2014 at 8:43 PM

    You look stunning babe! Love your skirt!


  14. I love that quote and your words are so inspiring sweety, you look so stunning, love this urban glam outfit, the skirt is beautiful. Thanks kindly for your comment, hope your week is going well :)

  15. you are welcome dear Sam and thank you for everything!

  16. Thank you Anouka! Hope you had a blast in London!

  17. Great words; I totally enjoyed reading this. So much inspiration.

    I love the printed skirt and bag.


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