The Perfect Bikini

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One of the constant things on my mind lately are beach, bikini and more bikini.
I said to my boss the other day that if care is not taking with how hot the weather is, I will come to work in a bikini and she agrees.
In short my bikini obsession has had me perusing every store (online and offline) for THE PERFECT bikini.
I know or let say want to believe I am not the only one feeling like this, so I decided to help a sister out by sharing my inspirations and  some of the chosen ones by yours truly.
I find it painful when I see a beautiful girl in the wrong bikini , for some reasons  I can't place my hands on at the moment, ladies are either too busy/lazy to do a research of what bikini type is flattering for their body type and also in the budget range they are planning to spend.

I have ran the race , so you won't have to and I can assure you it was both a pleasant and exhausted one.
All in all, I hope after perusing this post you will be free from all stress and get the rocking bikini you deserved to always have a wowed moment at the beach/pool this season.
On a side note, if you live in Munich and plan to spend your summer evening in the English Garden, you won't really need one. Nudism is a thing here (culture shock for me).



The Australian sister duo from Zimmermann lookbook for Summer 2014 is beyond dreamy.
All I want right now is a white sand beach and that white mesh top.
Nicky and Simone really know how to make any woman confident and desirable with their creativity and the originality of their designs.
can you blame me?

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 photo zimmermann5_zps8ae3301a.jpg
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images via Zimmermann

Madame Shou Shou

The young and creative Elina Kordali, creator and designer of madame shou shou is not only an example of hard working, vibrant and make it happen kind of person, her work has be inspiring to me since I first bought a bikini years back.
Shou shou girls are romantic, confident, vibrant and even easy going.

 photo Madameshoushou6_zps3929cf64.jpg
 photo Madameshoushou4_zpsc037af6d.jpg
 photo MadameSHoushou2_zps71da189c.jpg
 photo Madameshoushou5_zps19ac0a04.jpg
 photo Madameshoushou3_zps699b29ab.jpg
Images from Madame Shou shou and edited by myself.


 photo OnePIeceSwimsuit_zps5b7d13ab.jpg
fringed swimsuit / cut out swimsuit
 photo Prints_zpsec5998a9.jpg
 Splash / Dot retro   Leo print bikini

 photo bikini_zps2515a5cd.jpg
Fringe bikini top / HIgh waisted bandeau
 photo Bandeaubikini_zpsc6593883.jpg
Side tie / Bandeau 

Happy shopping and here is cheers to a beautiful summer.
Which bikini is your favourite, mine is the fringed swimsuit.
Let me know in the comment box.


  1. Hey girl!
    Nice post... I really like the Cut out One.... Keep it up.

  2. OMG these bikinis are so nice!

  3. I need a new bikini too and u just inspired me for my next purchase. They all are gorgeous but the ones from madame shou shou are definitely my choice! Kisses girl xo

  4. The Zimmerman sisters are so talented. They celebrate style and femininity. These are some gorgeous pieces.

  5. Beautiful bikinis, now I also need a gorgeous body!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  6. I see lots of beautiful swimwear, thanks for the inspo!

    Jules x

  7. I like the Madame Shou Shou collections.

  8. Really love the second swimsuit! It's gorgeous..
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.. gonna check out your blog more often!

  9. Mademoiselle EpauletteJune 16, 2014 at 11:53 AM



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