Poppy Delevingne Wedding: A Chanel bride

 photo Poppy-Delevingne-James-Cook-Wedding-Pictures_zps993e8478.jpg
Some weddings leave me totally indifferent but there is something about the Delevingne sisters that always get me hooked.
The beautiful wedding images were just screaming <please share us>, So I couldn't resist blogging about this beautiful, classy and fairytaile wedding.
The dress being a custom made Chanel by the legendary Karl Lagerfeld was just a bonus (do you really believe that?).
Anyway it brought out of my blogging cave and I am more than happy to pass by.
Leaving you all with beautiful images, is anyone planning a wedding?
see you soon and enjoy.

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 photo Poppy-Delevingne-James-Cook-Wedding-Picturesss_zpsd0efe10f.jpg
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 photo Poppy-Delevingne-James-Cook-Wedding-Pictures3_zps1c330ed7.jpg
 photo Poppy-Delevingne-James-Cook-Wedding-Pictures1_zps87f995ea.jpg
 photo 10363367_876220762404844_8117715628967315117_n_zps07d539cd.jpg images from popsugar and Poppy's instagram.
She chose Emilio Pucci for Makkarech.
 Have a wonderful month of June.
blowing kisses.


  1. She got married? I didn't know that! I like her wedding gown but most of all I love the last dress!

  2. She looks stunning! I love the appliques on her dress and selection of the groom's suit as well. Welcome back!

  3. Poppy made the most exquisite bride on both occasions, stunning gown choices! Thanks for your kind visit!

  4. Haa, that Emilio Pucci dress is breathtaking.
    Am i wrong for wishing Cara wore a different dress as a bridesmaid? Or is it because it is Cara? I expected some more oomph to it but regardless of my thoughts the dress is still sweet.


  5. So so true, she is flawless, pure perfection! And how beautiful is the sis too?! Many kisses my girl! xo

  6. Lovely wedding dress. And Cara looks cute too. Doesn't the groom remind you of a blond Benedict Cumberbatch? :)

  7. hahahahahahaha I never noticed that!

  8. THanks dear and you are always welcome.

  9. I think maybe Cara could have but I love these dresses .
    The Emilio Pucci is also my fave but I am also unbiased when it comes to anything from Peter.

  10. Definitely a fairy tail wedding! Love that beautiful wedding dress! It is so unique!


  11. The wedding dress looks amazing!

  12. kai ta duo einai apisteuta!! thees aderfes!


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