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With the indoor season over for me and my training group, I think it is the right time to share with you all my new training family. Now we are just laying low before the intense outdoor training begin again 
Moving to Munich comes with finding the right training group and coach, which I am glad to say I have found it.
Training with a new group is challenging on its own less alone when you really don't speak the language and you are also adjusting to a new home.
I have been more than blessed these few months to get to know them all and be motivated everyday by their hard work and dedication.
Each one of them is a star on its own league, so for me it was like " What the heck am I doing here" training with one Olympian, the German 800 metre youth star and European champion can do that to you, but they are all so humbled and welcoming.
I have being challenged to work harder than ever, to work on my techniques, have I told you German are technique geniuses or freaks if you like.
Working with two coaches who are also the best at what they do, which is make us the best we could be.
I love the jokes, the english courses, the german classes, the car talks, the fashion talk, my German culture immersion and can't wait to learn more and even speak fluently German without requiring Fab to translate for me.
Here are some pictures of us training before the indoor races and some after races crazy snaps.
If you follow me on Instagram, you already know about our nightlife and achievements.
So happy Monday from the crazy German champions of 2014 indoors in 800 metres.
Outfit post coming up on Wednesday.
Who watched the Oscars? I am loving that Lupita won and that Prada dress is opulent and totally Oscar appropriate.
What do you all think?

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Thank you for reading 
Ex Oh!


  1. Hi Adeola! Well done! Im very happy you found the perfect team, you all look great together, you all rock! I can only imagine must havent been an easy thing when you moved there, but you are doing all ur best and in fact, you are a champion!:) I need to be trained from u!!:P Regarding the Oscars, I agree with u, Lupita was mesmerizing, also I liked Jennifer Lawerence and Angelina Jolie. Happy Monday my girl, have also an amazing March! Good luck also with the training! xo

  2. Sweet!! I know it can be tough being the new one on the team but it opens your eyes and heart to new beginnings. Glad you were able to find a family away from home and still be good at what you do...or better. Congrats on all of your endeavors and i hope to see you at the Olympics soon!

  3. Τι πλάκα που εχει να τρεχεις και δίπλα να έχει χιόνια!

    Εχω σκάσει απο την πολύ λαγάνα και τις γαριδες που έφαγα.
    Καλή Καθαρά Δευτέρα κορίτσαρε :)

  4. How fun to see your track photos. What a great athlete you are!

  5. I admire you for remaining dedicated despite the snow and cold! You go girl!

  6. All I can wish you now is success and congrats on your new fantastic team,it's gonna be gold don't worry,it obvious you got the zeal adeola. Kisses..

  7. oooh awesome!

  8. You have a great new team and I wish you all the best!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  9. So happy to hear you have found a wonderful and supportive team hun, I am certain you are just as brilliant! Its always great hearing from you hun.

  10. Congrats! That is so cool to have a good team around you :)


  11. they look like an awesome group! not only to work with but friends. are you going to be in the summer olympics? that is so awesome! lupita just blew everyone away. i love her beauty. her features, skin color, character and sincerity is so refreshing to see. she's just spectacular in my book. EVERYthing looks good on her. she's a role model.

  12. Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing with us. Ja, die Anpassung an eine neue Umgebung ist nicht einfach. Aber, Sie können es tun ..."Nike!" hehe. :-)
    Cheers champion,

  13. I'm glad you are a great team!
    I didn't watch the Oscars.

  14. Congrats! Great going! I just started exercising and have decided to focus on getting fit myself


  15. You guys look like a great team! Glad you're settling in together perfectly and you're learning Germany! Wow how many languages do you have tucked under your belt now! Amazing!


  16. Nice to meet your new training group! They look like a great team! Love your training pics!


  17. Checking on you babes, I hope you are good. Have a lovely afternoon. kisses.


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