Snow Play

 photo SnowPlay6_zps5e8458f5.jpg

This snow outfit shoot is one of my favourite shooting to do for the blog. 
The pink coat plus my favourite winter boots, a bold orange colour and some rad statement accessories just reflect my already jazzed up mood. The snow was a total bonus from above.
I was so happy this day while coming back from an appointment.
I ran into a very hilarious friend of mine, who happened to set the mood for my silliness laugh to come out.
We took the pictures practically playing with the snow on that round big thing, I have no idea why they keep it there at the square.
There were kids around all playing with the snow, so we guess "why not join them" ?
They weather was so grey but my mood and outfit were so far from grey.
I hope you feel all the joy in this look and brace yourself against this long and grey winter weather whenever you are.
Have a fabulous day and always radiate happiness.
Coat, Hat: Vintage
Bag: Hermes
Pants: H&M
Shirt: Daniel Hechter
Sweater: Esprit
Boots: Adidas
Necklace c/o: Sammydress
Earrings c/o: Sammydress  

 photo SnowPlay3_zps4ef49b4c.jpg
 photo SnowPlay_zpsdae0eaa9.jpg
 photo SnowPlay4_zps2012118d.jpg
 photo Snowplay2_zps875744b6.jpg
 photo PinkCoat_zpsa3452604.jpg
 photo SnowPlay5_zpsc8fbaf98.jpg
 photo SnowPlay9_zps935a0b67.jpg
 photo SnowPlay9_zps935a0b67.jpg
 photo Snowplay8_zps5fcdaad7.jpg

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  1. Adeola, these photos bring so much happiness, joy and fun! You have such a gorgeous smile which could brighten up the dullest days, love it! Looking stylish, the coat and all the accessories are awesome! Have a goodnight my girl, many hugs! xo

  2. What a fun shoot! That pink and orange looks great together girl. Woot

  3. Look how high you jumped!! Niiccee! Cosy and winter warm outfit. I see the gorgeous necklace and earrings. Beautiful!

  4. Your orange jumper and chic coat look so dashing. Awww the snow must be so much fun!

  5. Haha, these photos are fun. I grew up loving snow, and it always makes for nice captures, although very cold. :) xx/Madison

  6. I can tell you're an athlete because that's an impressive jump! Love how happy you are in these photos.

  7. I love the snow Adeola, what a shame it's very rare here in Rome!!! Love your look!!!! xoxo

  8. Now that's a jump! Great look hun.

  9. Thank you Vale but you are lucky it doesn't snow that much in Rome.

  10. Stunning sweetie! I love your hat! You have such a beautiful blog!

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  11. Nice pictures; I love to play and take pictures in the snow too. It makes me happy.

  12. Love the hat and the photo of you jumping in the air!

  13. the name of your blog is so awesome!!!

    xxx Anna

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    Come take a look

    A Tale of Two Shoes

  14. You are having so much fun Adeola,Wow!!! Lemme borrow that coat. You look stunning and your color combo is so sweet on you,love it!

  15. Αααα χιόνι... πόσο τυχερή εισαι!

    Μα ποσο σου πάνε αυτα τα χρώματα :)

  16. Your outfit is beautiful! *-*

    I'm a new follower!



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