Polka Dots Dress

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 Polka dots are always so cute that I love them in any clothing piece.
I loved this dress the moment, I set my eyes on it at the Sammydress website.
I have been spending most of my days at the library studying these days, that is why I am so busy and occupied.
I am not complaining at all, I love reading and cramming all I can into my brain from my science.
As a speech and language therapist who wants to specialise in neurologic disorders, I knew what I was heading for.
I love the human brain with a passion and learning how it functions and affects our communication and how we can reinform the brain in causes when unpredictable events like accident, cancer or strokes occur is fascinating to me.
But when I study, I love taken a break with less demand books, you will say who take a break from reading with reading? Well I am weird, I have always been a bookworm and I am glad to be back to my reading passion.
My beret is a reminder of my boarding school days when it is part of uniform. 
Danielle Steel is one the authors that I have been falling in love with, I finished reading  5 of her books in a week and I still want more.
I would totally recommend her books and so far my favourite is " Sisters". I will review it soon on the blog.
Here I am wishing you all an inspirational week with a look featuring two things I love.( Dots plus Books)
If you want to read and study, you might as well look the part. 
So as Danielle said :

" Life, a good life, a great life is about "why not?" . May we never forget it."
I hope you your week is filled great "why not?"
Have you read anything from Danielle Steel or a also a fan of dots?

Dress c/o : Sammydress
Watch: Garmin GPS
Blazer: Next
Earring c/o : Sammydress
Necklace c/o : Sammydress
Beret: Vintage 
Boots:  Roland
Glasses c/o : Firmoo

 photo Polkadotsdress_zps38fa1980.jpg

 photo Polkadotdress_zpsb78d63c1.jpg

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 Ex oh!


  1. Hi Adeola! I never read her books but would love now, that quote is great and so true. You look fantastic, one of my fav outfits from u, the dress is so lovely and u are adorable with the hat! Good luck with the study, is admirable. Kisses my girl, have a wonderful week! xo

  2. Love that you shot these photos in a library, so apt and the beautifully preppy outfit is perfectly suited to it. I dont why I havent read any of her books yet. Have a great and productive week ahead!

  3. Such a sophisticated look!

    Καλη σου εβδομάδα Αντεολίτσα :)


  4. Very nice look. I love the polka dots on your skirts and I also love the library background.

  5. love your polka dot dress!

    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  6. The dress looks perfect on you! Love the beret as well. I haven't had one for a long time.

  7. I love Danielle Steel, she's a great author..You look fab, nice outfit!

  8. Cute dress and fun photos. Polka dots need to be worn with care but you found a very creative way to style it by pairing it with a solid colored blazer and beret. Beautiful!

    Aah, i remember my university days too. Trying to balance school work, social life and extra curriculum activities was no joke but if you are competitive in nature, you will make it work. So proud of you Naomi!


  9. Very casual cute and fun photos.


  10. You look so lovely, what an adorable outfit. polka dots are one of my favourites too, but I hardly wear them like I used to. Perfect environment, reading is always therapeutic for me. xx/Madison

  11. You look great! I love your outfit and the fun photos! xx I actually just did a shoot with a library as the backdrop, too! Books are great! c;

    <(") Hoda
    JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

  12. Adorable dress, loving also the hat!
    Follow me on
    Cosa Mi Metto???

  13. I love polka dots!!!great outfit!

  14. I don't think I have read anything by Danielle, but I have heard of her. Who hasn't? and speaking of her a friend told me that her best novel is the one devoted to her son His Bright Light . I hope I will read it some day. I'm a total bookworm myself so I know how you feel. One of my favourite quotes by Roger Zelazny describes perfectly how I feel in libraries: “I like libraries. It makes me feel comfortable and secure to have walls of words, beautiful and wise, all around me. I always feel better when I can see that there is something to hold back the shadows.”

  15. You look so pretty!
    Congrats on your H&M achievement!!!

  16. that outfit looks so good on you! the dress, beret and your side plait look amazing. really cute. danielle steele is a helluva an author.

  17. Yes ! That book is also one of my favourite from her!


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