Hermes Birkin and Christian Louboutins

 photo HermesandLouboutins_zps57899829.jpg
This weekend will be an exciting and exhausting one for yours lovely, but their is nothing the fantasy of a Birkin and black edgy Christian Louboutins can't fix.
I will be having another major indoor competition on Saturday before the German Championship next weekend.
So even if I will practically spend my weekend in running clothes and spikes, I will be dreaming of the classic duo.
I am still wishing on my lucky star to add this Birkin bag to my closet and there is nothing impossible, if you remember how I got my Kelly bag check here.
I wish you all a great weekend and don't forget life is all about surprises.
Be open to them
ex oh!


  1. Hi Adeola! Im dreaming of them too now, the Birkin bag is one of my ever fav bag!^^ Good luck for the competition dear, you rock! Hugs, have a great weekend!:**

  2. Love these shoes! Good luck on your competition doll.

  3. Wonderful bag and heels!
    Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο να εχεις κορίτσι :)

  4. good luck with your competition. i love those ears.

  5. Those shoes are gorgeous. Hope you had a great competition over the weekend.


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