Cara Delevingne Bag Collection by Mulberry

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With all the amazingness in the London fashion week, the revelation of the Cara bag collection by Mulberry was noteworthy.
As if Cara  haven't had it all , fame, fierce and weirdness, now she have her own bag collection. 
I was anticipating the collection since I first heard about it in British Vogue, I always wanted the Mulberry Alexa and still looking out for a great bargain somedays but the Cara collection is also very intriguing.

So for those of you, who haven't heard/ seen it , here is the collection.
I am personally rolling my eyes at the little backpack.
Which of the bags are you rooting for, or will you be getting if your budget allows?

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Images via: Mulberry

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
Ex oh!


  1. Great collection. I think these bags would be perfect for traveling.

  2. The green one is nice.

  3. This is her time and she still has so many more years ahead of her to build an empire out of it all. She has a huge fan base so i know it will do very well. Good for her! I think the back pack is so cute and i also love the green bag too. Very nice collection.

  4. Hi Adeola! Its a beautiful collection and I really love them all! How cool she had it, actually I havent seen it yet. The little backpack is also my fav. Have a lovely weekend my dear, kisses! xo

  5. The green bag is really cute

  6. I liked the green's bag design but I would prefer a different colour.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  7. So excited about this collection, wish they were more affordable to the fashion masses. Good wishes for the weekend dear!

  8. The green bag looks so beautiful! Love it!

  9. Love the green one and the backpack :) Thanks for sharing


  10. Enchanted! Goodness lord I want!!!

  11. I agree that Mulberry's price need to be more affordable, I think it is too ridiculous


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