Ankara Pants

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Since moving to Munich, I have come to appreciate African prints and my African roots on a entire different level.
Today's outfit post is dedicate to another friend of mine, this girl is multi talented and also very humble about it, which is what I love about her apart from her spontaneous natural hair.
I am so jealous of her hair and now that I am trying to go natural again and grown mine out. I just follow in her footsteps and stay patience.
The day we took this outfit, she was wearing a custom made african print pants with a top to suit.
So I begged her to let me shoot her and she was glad to but a bit shy of the publicity (lol) which is why we are kinda sharing the spotlight.

Thank you all for your wishes , the competition was yet another success and we had a great time clubbing and eating our hearts out at McDonald's after the race on Saturday night.
I learn never to wear heels when going out in munich, when Germans say "dress up" they mean wear comfy boots, but I survived.
We had a blast and can't wait to run munich once again. follow my Instagram to see some of the craziness.
Are you in love with her Ankara pants as I am?

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Have a great Monday!
Ex Oh!


  1. Great pants. I love how unique they are. Have a great week hun.

  2. Hi Adeola! Congrats for the competition, I havent any doubt it would be a success, well done! Your friend is just beautiful, her hair is so cool, but what I love most are her pants, the print is to die for!:) The photos of u 2 together are too lovely! Have a great week my girl, many kisses! xo

  3. you both look great!! I love her pants!!

  4. You both look utterly stylish, love your studded boots and her amazing pretend pants, this pattern is also popular here. Congrats on the competition.

  5. Love that ankra pants,You both look stunning.

  6. She has a beautiful spirit! I love her pants and that lime top compliments it so well.

  7. She's beautiful!!!

  8. The entire combo looks lovely . And she's got a healthy natural hair.

  9. so much positive energy in these photos ,love them!

  10. Your friend is gorgeous! I love these photos and her pants! xx/Madison

  11. Hahaha, so cute. You can see she is a little shy but i think that is what makes the photos so real and fun. Her ankara pants are so chic and she is really pulling off the natural hair look so well. You both look fantastic!

  12. The pants are so cute. Also, I love all the shoes I'm seeing on both of you; gorgeous!

  13. Hi dear! You look very very nice in this outfit, love your fur jacket!

  14. I really love the Ankara pants!! and loving the hair too, new hair idea :D

  15. The Ankara pants are really cool. If only I could pull them off.


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