Accessories 101: Tote Bag

 photo BigSquarebag_zps172c4bbf.jpg

 Took the picture, while I was running late for training .
When I saw this girl at the metro station, I ran up to her and even though she was in a rush too, she was kind enough to let me take the shot.
When talking about a versatile, essential tote bag that can practically fit everything, this bag should be what we all have in mind.
I hope your week is going smoothly so far, have a splendid rest of the week you all.
Let me know your views on tote bags in the comment.
Thank you for reading.
Ex oh!


  1. I love tote bags especially as a mummy because it got so much space and style at the same time for all kinds of Knicks-knacks...:-). The one pictured above is really pretty. I love the color.

    Now you are really playing "Fashion-Police" in school...:-)

  2. Such an awesome bag! Love it! ♥

  3. I love tote bags! I feel they are more easier to carry around.

  4. hey dear! how are you?? hope you're doing well:)
    tote bags are a great invention lol:) everything you need fits in there, so super practical:)

    have a great day!!
    lots of love xx

  5. I love a good tote bag, it can really make an outfit!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Very nice design!

  7. This tote is as perfectly chic as they come, great colour too. I appreciate that you always find the time to stop by :)

  8. I like the modern design and the fact that there is a shoulder strap AND handles. Einen schoenen Abend!

  9. It's very nice how you stopped a stranger and she took the photo for you :))
    Nice bag!

    Lu ♥

  10. Quite an interesting bag. I think it will be a perfect with an office attire and school. Pretty formal.

  11. so practical yet stylish at the same time, great!

  12. Love it,want it. That bargain is gorg....

  13. It was great hearing your thoughts, Happy Friday dear!

  14. I love the colour of the bag. I was imagining you running up to her asking to snap a picture. hehe!
    Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende.


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