Accessories 101: Cross Earrings

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Accessories can make or break an outfit.
You can transform the dullest look with the right dose and choice of accessories.
I am a lover of accessories myself and firm believer in the transforming power.
In my focus to grow myself and this blog , I have been inspired by how opulent and classy the residents of Munich dress themselves and mostly their choices in the accessory department.
So, as a result, I have been lurking around the streets, subways stations of Munich, approaching total strangers to take their pictures.
I basically take their accessories and in some cases even the entire outfit.
People are so nice and it has been challenging to approach them at times, but also a blessing because of the few minutes we shared and get to know somethings about the other individual.
My photography skills are no where near perfect but I am hoping to learn and improve with this project.
So here I present to you all the first post of the series "Accessories 101".
There will be a launch of yet another set of series I am also working on, it's basically to share with you the beauty of the Bavarian city of Munich. Can't wait to say more.
This girl was having a burger with some friends in front of McDonalds when I approach her, she was quite friendly and we actually exchanged some jokes.
She got the earrings from Claire's for anybody who is wondering, it is a German store with a wide variety of accessories and nail arts equipments.
So are you in love with accessories as I am?
what do you think of her earrings?

PS: the watermarking is for me to "kind of" protect my work and these individuals who are kind enough to let me shoot them,
 if you want to use any of the pictures in this series, just email me and I be glad to discuss it.

Happy hump day loves.
ex oh!


  1. Hahahaha, I remember my first time too!! I was so shy and afraid they might turn me down but after my first approach went well, it wasn't that bad on the second, third and...

    I agree with you accessories can make.....but also break the outfit. Nice shot and don't stop.

  2. Nice earrings; I would totally wear something Iike that. I like this feature and I wish you the best in other upcoming projects on the blog.

  3. That's so brave of you to go up to strangers and ask if you could take their pics. But I guess that the majority of people will react in a positive way. I should do this more often as well.

  4. Hi Adeola, you had such a brilliant idea! Love this project already and Im looking forward to see more photos from the stylish Munich residents! Love to wear accessories too, her earrings are too cool, I know that shop, there is lot of nice stuff! Happy Wed dear, many kisses! xo

  5. Hi Darling, I love this idea, its always interesting to see different aspects of street style. Thanks for sharing your opinions with me :)

  6. What a great project! Cute earrings.

  7. Accessories are a great way to show your personality in an outfit. Great idea!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. my accessories are so dainty. lol i need to work on my collection.

  9. Thanks Busola! I am glad to start this project and thanks for the encouragement!

  10. Thanks Anouka, some people are nice while some are so mean but I guess it comes with the territory.
    You should definitely try it too.

  11. Thanks sweetie and your opinions are always so great to hear!
    Thank you for the support and love.
    Kisses and hugs!

  12. I like her earrings!

  13. Loely earings doll! I adore long earings as well!
    Happy Valentines Day and a fun weekend


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