Accesories 101: Fluffy Beanie Hat

 photo Fluffybeanie_zpsfa0c3fd9.jpg

There is nothing fluffier and warm than a fluffy beanie hat.
This one caught my eyes immediately and I just have to capture it.
She told me it is a gift and it was from H&M.
what are your thoughts on fluffy beanie and the trend?
I will love to know in the comment.
Have a great day! 
ex oh.


  1. i like beanie hats. this is my first time seeing a fluffy one, but it looks good.

  2. Hi Adeola! As you know, I love everything fluffy, it is one of my fav winter trend! So Im craving for a fuzzy beanie too, it is so cute!:) Have a lovely day my dear! Hugs! xo

  3. I love beanies too! They are so comfortable x

  4. Love that beanies are more a style item than just a functional one now. Loks fantastic. Thanks for sharing your opinion on my last post.

  5. I love beanie hats in the winter.

  6. love this u look adorable
    My blog here

  7. Very cool hat,love it.

  8. You might be lucky and find one in h&m.
    Happy Birthday again Kim!

  9. Beanie hats are the coolest, however I'm not sure its my thing - more of Dammie's style. But would love to own a fluffy one, who knows! How are you doing dear?

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

  10. I think you can both rock it! Thanks you for dropping by doll, I am doing very well.
    Kisses and regards!


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