Winter Lipstick : NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors

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I have had this specific lipstick for a very long time.
I remember I bought it in a drugstore in London, five years ago, I bought five of it.
It was meant as gift until I tried it and decide to buy other gifts and keep them for me.
I find out they discontinue the smacking fun colours line and I am really pissed with NYX. I do not understand the logic behind some company discontinue a product after you actually really loved it.
Am I the only one?
Back to the lipstick, the "LSS Violet Ray" was a light brown purplish colour.
It is actually a all season colour for a night out.
It can be used in the day to on dark skin women like me, since it simply "looks" nude for us.
It feels more like a lip balm than a "lipstick" because of the beeswax that is its main ingredient.
It is my go lipstick for winter because of it creamy and smooth feel on my lips.
It is the same lipstick I DIY with a black liner for my DIY NYE makeup look and here.
Good news I found a seller on ebay that still have some colours.

I will have to say the staying power is not all that good but yeah for the price it is good enough.
check swatch and how it look on my big mouth. lol
Have you used this lipstick before? 

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 photo NYXLIPSTICKREVIEW6_zps14afab8f.jpg

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 photo NYXLIPSTICK_zps729522dc.jpg

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Thank you for reading.
ex oh!


  1. Ah the last pic made me so smile! You know, I never tried NYX lipstick but I am always curious. Ths one looks so cool, you have such beautiful lips which I'd love to put some make up! So fab! Have a goodnight my dear, hugs! xo

  2. I love that color! I find it hard to wear colors like that because I have light, tanned skin so all the darker reds, violets, pinks, burgundies, etc. just make me look pale so I end up not wearing any lipstick at all. That color really does look amazing, its too bad they discontinued it.

  3. Wow, five of them, that's what you do when you love something! :-) I am that way with a few products too. I've not tried this brand lipstick before, but it look nice on you. :) /Madison xx

  4. Nice lipstick and I live your new blog header!!!

  5. Phew! How nice to have found a seller that has them. I know how you feel. When you love something..... Looks good you dear :).

  6. the color looks great on you! i can understand your frustration when companies discontinue things. it always seems to be the products we love. hahaha a blogger friend of mine has problems with pigments of lipsticks. she's stated that some colors don't show up on her. so it's always a challenge. you're not alone. i have a problem with light colors. hahaha they just fade awayyyyy.

  7. Its such a pretty and richly toned shade, looks divine on you! Hope your week is going well hun.

  8. Never tried these before, but I would. Is that a new blog header? I dig it.

    Please vote for my entry in the WWDMAGIC contest

  9. I really like this shade on you, it's like a pretty raspberry hue!


  10. I love this shade on you!!!

  11. Looks fabulous doll. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  12. You are welcome SImera and thanks for visiting back! You are a beauty magician!

  13. Thank you dear and you already have my vote and my sisters.

  14. Thank you doll and yes it has been eventful!

  15. Yeah! I tend to buy more than necessary when I like something! Hope your week has been great Madison!

  16. Never tried NYX before, but I definitely love the Violet Ray. And the idea of it being more a tinted lip balm than a lipstick is appealing because lip balms are moisturizing.

  17. Thank you dear and I believe you will do a wonderful job putting makeup on my face!

  18. They always discontinue the good ones. I am sure you will soon find a great colour for you. I looked for a long time before finding my perfect red lipstick. You have to kiss some frogs first I guess.

  19. Thanks for the comment doll! Yes the moisturising power is amazing!

  20. I hate it too when companies discontinue products I love, especially perfume!
    Have a nice weekend Adeola!!!


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