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This post has been long over due, I told you all I was in Greece for a quick visit in November here.
While I was home, all I did was hang out with friends and eat like a pig, lol. I trained too, so that will make up for my greed.
I miss Greek cuisine, since my move to Munich, any food that is "labelled" Greek is just not good enough.
Does it happen to you when you go to other place and for instance you are Italian and go to an Italian restaurant in England and you just feel like "this is fraud, Italian cuisine is so much better" ? this is how I feel everytime I come across a supposedly Greek restaurant anywhere.
So I let myself indulge and eat as much as I can carry while back to the real things.

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My coach was so glad that I surprised them all with a visit that he took us for brunch on Sunday. We firstly had coffee (Frappe greek coffee not pictured) since all of us were out clubbing on saturday and his call practically woke us up.
After coffee on the hills, we went to a little village on the mountains where there is this little family restaurant.
Everything they cook or use there is organic and they plant and reared it all themselves.

We had a varieties of meats and chicken accompanied by  potato and egg mash.
My coach brought his five year old son that we all love and of course he had french fries. This kid actually survive on fries.

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we also had a huge salad plate with different kind of fresh vegetables, olives and olive oil.
The wine I practically consumed it all, I don't really drink but I love the traditional wine of Zitsa, if you ever visit Greece, you need to try one and you will thank me later. We also had Tzatziki, a very simple and yet delicious dish next to your salad, meat or pasta if you are like me.

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After all of that, I still went home and ordered for myself and my friend Lydia a pitta gurros each.
It is a pie of meat, or chicken in this case with tzatziki and french fries for the evening.

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Her sister came home to us with her boyfriend and she made these omelette, potatoes and ham for dinner.
Angelina is the best cook among us, so we are always hungry when she is around.
So, now you get what I meant when I said I ate like a pig?
Have you ever tried Greek cuisine? what is your favorite dish?
Happy humpday you all!
ex oh!


  1. Oooh, foood! Me likey! I haven't really done a lot of Greek food like i would have really liked to but i love a good 'ol shawarma. I know exactly what you mean about going somewhere else and not finding the authentic dish like it is done at home.
    Anyway, you had a great time and oh my so much food. Nothing wrong with that though. Besides, when you are with friends, anything goes.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Noms! I am actually going out for Greek food tonight, not sure how it compares to actual food on Greece but the area we go to is pretty much Greece but in Australia lol!


  3. Margaret CruzemarkJanuary 22, 2014 at 9:25 AM

    Greek food galore. Who does not love eating souvlaki and tzatziki?
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  4. Mmmmm you know Im a big foodie, my tummy starts to rumble at your pics! Evertyhing looks delicious, Greek kitchen is really good, I usually have Tzatziki, love it a lot! Have a great day my dear, hugs! xo

  5. the food looks really delicious :) i think most kids could survive by eating fries only :)

  6. Αυγά μάτια & σαλάτα yummy!


  7. I love Greek food! My favourite is Tzatziki. I could eat buckets of it during the summer. :)

  8. That was so nice of him to treat you guys. Gosh that pita gurro looks so good! OMG'D!!!

  9. The potato and egg mash looks so delicious! I still have to discover many more Greek dishes.

  10. I haven't been that into Greek cuisine, but maybe it's because I'm not getting accurate Greek food. You would know better than me! :)

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  11. I've been to Greece several times and I like greek food!!
    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  12. Souvlaki is the only thing I miss from Greece.... I wish I had one right now.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  13. Have a nice evening!

  14. Hi darling, I need to find a prince for you and me both, lol! I love Greek food, I have been to a few restaurants here and the food and style of cooking was a sensation. I don't eat meat so I preferred the seafood and amazing vegan combinations. I wish to visit Greece just to taste the food. These look so yum! Thanks for the visit doll.....Happy Friday!

  15. Wow! This food looks so tasty!


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