BMW i8

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When you put a suppressed car geek together with a car freak, you get car talk amazingness.
That is what happened to me after moving to Munich and having to training everyday five minutes away from the BMW display store and museum in Munich. But the real craziness begins when I start hanging out with my nerd training partner and now good friend M. He is an architect for the BMW and a very freak when it comes to cars.
This new futuristic car is all he talk about lately, since he actually get to test drive it and I pretty much hate him for it.
I am so jealous he got to feel the power in this baby, and I thought I should share this with you all hoping some of you will be enchanted as I am.
The car will be available for sale at the mid of this year and if you can afford it, I will say go for it.
Be warned! Don't tell your geek husband/boyfriend about it, if he doesn't know already that is.
Since it was displayed last year in Frankfurt, everyone I know that love cars are all waiting to catch a glimpse.
So I am very lucky, just wish I can actually drive it too.. :-( (klaps..).
It is more than a car to me, it is art and since I have heard all about its design process, I am thrilled by the end result.

Some details according to wiki.

The production BMW i8 was designed by Benoit Jacob.[2]
The production version was unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show,[11] followed by 2013 Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez.[35]
The vehicle was set to be available in 2014.[36]
US model was set to be available in spring of 2014 at BMW dealers.

 photo BMWi8exterior_zps31e82a06.jpg
Thank you all for reading.
Happy hump day and 
ex oh!


  1. I want to test it too now, lol! I feel in awe, its stunning! You would be so perfect for a car as this!:) Hugs my girl!:*

  2. wow looks like a great car!

  3. Yes German made cars, I love! This is a very sleek and sexy one! :)

  4. Oh wow, this is one spectacular creation! I am always happy to hear from you hun :)

  5. ohhh I love BMWs haha, they're so sexy :D

  6. That is just the coolest car! He is so lucky to be able to rest drive it! Very jealous!


  7. zoom zoom! that's hot!

  8. WoW beautiful

  9. Wow...Amazingness.


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