Celebration of Love Part 1.

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A very happy and blessed new year to everyone.
I am not a resolutions kind of person, all I know is 2014 will be wonderful and fruitful year for us all.
I will like to start this post on a thankful note to God, and all of you who have supported and contributed one way or the other to my life and this blog in 2013. It was a blessing and a honour.
I wanted this special and very personal post to be the first thing on my blog for this year.
 2013 for me, my family and friends was more than a wonderful year for so many reasons.
One of these reasons are also these two special friends, when I met Kallie back in 2012 when she came all the way from Texas to Ioannina to work for the Lord and share her love for Him, I knew she would be my friend and person.
You know that feeling when you are introduced to someone and it just hit you like dang! She is going to be an awesome friends?

That was what our first meeting with Kallie felt like, we quickly become very close, hang out together studying the Bible, encouraging each other, praying for students in Ioannina and going to coffees with student who are willing to ask us about our relationship with Jesus and if there is really a God or not.
We became more like sisters, shared an apartment, cried our eyes out, take pictures for the blog and even try to teach Kallie some Greek will she tried to teach me how to live on vegetables alone.
She of course will not shut up about the love of her life that God has blessed her with and how they have learnt a lot of things in their walk for God. She converted me from a cynical and cold person concerning anything marriage, to be very appreciative of true love and great devotion.
When I met Eric during the christmas of 2012, it was like I already know him for a long time.
They are two very important people and I don't call them friends but family, since Kallie is my spiritmate and sister, so Eric is my brother.
Their love for God and for each other is more than inspirational.
To me they are a blessing, what I needed and I am forever grateful that they come into my life and I am always proud of their dedication to God and how they show love to people around them.
So this post is a celebration of their love and to hoping this will inspire us all in a cynical world to show love to people without expecting anything in return.
Love just for the sake of LOVE.
Make it your greatest resolution in 2014 to love people, show kindness and be nice to people.
I pray this year will be a fruitful one for all of us and that love will radiate around us always.
To make this post short, I decided to do it in parts.
My resolution this year is to celebrate love in all things and all ways.

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Images all thanks to Closer to Love Photography.
Thank you all for reading and stay blessed.
ex oh.


  1. So beautiful wedding
    Thank you for the sharing!
    Lovely pisctures!
    I wish you a Happy New Year!


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