Candice Swanepoel for Vogue Brazil January 2014

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-1_zpsb9cfea85.jpg

Candice Swanepoel is the prominent South African Victoria Secret angel, she was chosen to wear the fantasy bra at  the Victoria Secret fashion show that aired on December 2013 and cover the company's swim catalogue. The royal fantasy bra features over 4,200 rare gems, like rubies, yellow sapphires. gold and diamonds.
So I am sure it is safe to say 2013 was a great year for her and as if she isn't awesome enough, she raised the temperature and look simultaneously like a nymph in two, (not one) covers and editorials of Vogue Brazil for January 2014.
Great way to start the year, don't you think?

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-8_zps4894d1f0.jpg

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-6_zpsc62d8127.jpg

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-3_zpsc8a8de0e.jpg

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-2_zps34616a37.jpg

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-5_zps2ab7449c.jpg

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-7_zpsecc998f6.jpg

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-13_zpsef30f82a.jpg

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-12_zpsa342151e.jpg

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-9_zpscca8d988.jpg

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-16_zpsa4b9446b.jpg

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-15_zps0739455f.jpg

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-14_zpse8e4b764.jpg

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-21_zps791cf466.jpg

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-19_zpsc01edfd5.jpg

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-18_zps9fd3fd48.jpg

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-22_zps0b877819.jpg

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-Cover_zpse2c92825.jpg

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-20_zps7ddd4a45.jpg

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-23_zps9e032872.jpg

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-24_zpsf714a6dc.jpg

 photo Vogue-Brazil-January-2014-Candice-Swanepoel-17_zpsc1a9f334.jpg

 photo candice-brazil1_zps77b0b610.jpg

Photographed by: Mariano Vivanco & Zee Nunes for Vogue Brazil
Happy Tuesday 
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  1. She s so beautiful!
    I may say she s perfect!
    Gorgeous from the bottom to the top!
    Nice post with amazing pictures!
    thank you my dear!

  2. Sure she is a model. She takes very powerful photos though. Love the editorial. Nice.

  3. Indeed! She is gorgous and look so stunning in this shooting, is also my fav VS angel. When I saw the show I was really impressed how much flawless she is. Kisses dear, have a good day! xo

  4. The pictures are so dreamy plus she is so good!

  5. First of all these pictures are amazing! And she is beyond gorgeous!!!

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger



  6. She's stunning…Happy New Year Adeola!!!!!! xoxo


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