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Those moments, when you just don't know what to say or do, you feel numb and cold.
That is how the news of Paul Walker's death left me feeling, numb and even I asked "why".
This year so many young people have lost their lives, it is not our place to ask why, but to be courageous and grateful that we are still here.
I am still shocked and sad about it.
To tell you about today's look, it is my safe fashion harbour in this frozen country called Germany.
I used to think snow is awesome and all, but let me tell you, I have changed my mind.
It has been snowing non stop and thee temperature is always below zero degree celsius these days in Munich.

I am freezing my butt off, I am even beginning to have a love thing with turtlenecks.
I used to be the classic turtleneck hater but yeah I love it now.
Here I am taking away the blase nude boring mood out of it by pairing it with a print skirt.
The skirt is originally a maxi dress and adding my favourite necklace just seems necessary.
I am grateful to www.firmoo.com for sending me a new pair of glasses.
I have reviewed their site and tell you all of how awesome and all they are, but if you are yet to be sure, check out my introductory post here and my review for their reading glasses here.
I like this pair because I customised them myself the way I wanted them and was able to visually try them on by using their Virtual Try On system.
Is it great that you can just find your perfect match?
Go get your first pair for free by just clicking Here .
Are you a turtleneck fan or not? now your comments.
Wore :
Turtleneck/ Zara
Beanie/ H&M
Coat/ Miss Patina
Shoes/ Hunter
Bag/ Vintage
Dress-Skirt/ Ice Australia
Necklace c/o Efoxcity
Glasses c/o firmoo

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 I wish you all a safe and happy Month of December.
Let us all take a moment to honour the memories of Paul Walker and wish his family all the best in this challenging period they are.
Please value life and every second of it giving to you should be cherished.

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