Ming Xi is a Mythical Woman for Zac Posen Pre- Fall 2014 Collection.

 photo Zac_Posen_024_1366450x675_zpsff08aeb1.jpg

 Ming Xi is a sweet, young, and energetic model.
What I love most about her is the ability to "change" from one show to another, she made her debut walk for Victoria Secret this year and girl she was amazing.
Her natural and flawless beauty is a big plus to make me swam at her fierce strides on the catwalk and her street style outfits are always on point.

She posed for the pre fall collection of the ever genius Zac Posen and all I can say is I am speechless.
What do you think?

 photo Zac_Posen_021_1366450x675_zps7976070b.jpg

 photo Zac_Posen_025_1366450x675_zpsefca5598.jpg

 photo Zac_Posen_025_1366450x675_zpsefca5598.jpg

 photo Zac_Posen_020_1366450x675_zpsbc48d658.jpg

 photo Zac_Posen_022_1366450x675_zps380872e2.jpg

 photo Zac_Posen_023_1366450x675_zps8dc4c13d.jpg

 photo Zac_Posen_017_1366450x675_zpse8497282.jpg

 photo Zac_Posen_019_1366450x675_zps3a320288.jpg

 photo Zac_Posen_018_1366450x675_zpse0a0cf12.jpg

 photo Zac_Posen_015_1366450x675_zps4770f91c.jpg

 photo Zac_Posen_016_1366450x675_zps8d59fe70.jpg

 photo Zac_Posen_014_1366450x675_zpsb2ab59ac.jpg

 photo Zac_Posen_012_1366450x675_zps5fdcc44a.jpg

 photo Zac_Posen_013_1366450x675_zpsf8d7ef46.jpg

 photo Zac_Posen_008_1366450x675_zpsccc26471.jpg

 photo Zac_Posen_009_1366450x675_zps94aeaeb5.jpg

 photo Zac_Posen_007_1366450x675_zps93906dce.jpg

 photo Zac_Posen_011_1366450x675_zps1554800c.jpg

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 photo Zac_Posen_010_1366450x675_zps496e7d94.jpg

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 photo Zac_Posen_005_1366450x675_zps38b9ca00.jpg

 photo Zac_Posen_004_1366450x675_zpse5297a60.jpg

 photo Zac_Posen_001_1366450x675_zps8230ff16.jpg

 photo Zac_Posen_003_1366450x675_zps9af34e47.jpg
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Have a triumphant Tuesday and stay cool!

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