Friendship is always Fashionable.

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Have you ever  notice that smart/hot/good/rich  people kind of are  always friends with each other?
I guess that is why they say " birds of the same feathers flock together".
I believe the same goes for stylish people, my friends don't all have the same taste in things as I do but they all have their own personal style that intrigues the onlooker.
I want to believe we don't choose who we hang out with base on how they dress, but to be frank with ourselves we all appreciate to have a friend or be in a relationship with someone who has an advanced cognitive department with a presentable exterior.

To take the "spotlight" from me and take a moment to appreciate my friends' African rooted and breed style, I am not posting my own outfit today.
Their style is  for sure more daring and African influenced than mine, something I am a bit jealous of.
While I fight the hazardous German cold in my oversized coat, they were wearing their African kaftans, tailored and embroidered in Ghana especially for them, while we all explore Tollwood i.e the Munich Christmas market.
Meet I. and K., even though it is probably too cold for kaftans, I still hope these pictures brings to you some memories of summer or an appreciation of African style.

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 photo AfricanMenstyle11_zpsdbe56557.jpg

 photo AfricanMenstyle4_zps02712074.jpg

Have a wonderful week and stay friendly!

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