The Hermes Kelly Bag

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Iconic bags are every girls dream, some can afford to buy them while others of us just keep them in our "most wanted list".
Such is the case for me with the two amazingly structured Hermes bags. I have always wanted to get a sleek Birkin or Kelly.
These are not just any other bag, but bags with historical influences and inspired by divine fashion personalities.
I nearly scream when I found this new baby on a display table in a very perfect vintage store in Munich.
Oh and yes I have been carrying it all around me from then..
Are you as fascinated by this bag as I am?
Oh I had such a great moment when a lady approach me at the Munich Airport yesterday to tell me how she save up to buy one years ago.
Kisses from Greece, I am on a short visiting trip home.


  1. Ahhh what a deal! Well done Adeola! It is my dream bag too, together with the Birkin! It so classy and ladylike, I believe you carry it everywhere!! Gald to see a new post from you,enjoy your trip my dear! hugs! xo

  2. Babes that's one great treasure. I am loving this vintage hermes bag to bits. This is why i can not stop rocking vintage stuffs,Especially these kind of ones that are very rare to find. When you rock Vintage,You look unique and different cause it's rare and you are the only one rocking it. No competition!!! I wanna see more,I wanna see you rock it,I wanna have that bag glassed cause it's a precious baby.

  3. Gorgeous. Bags are every girl's dream.

  4. What a brilliant handbag, yes, I do love it very much. Hope you enjoy your bag and trip home dear. xx/Madison


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