Pink Fall

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During the chaos of masters programs applications, I have been saved from all of it by reading.
Book are a big part of my passion, growing up in boarding school I am the girl with her head in a book.
Dr Ben Carson is one of the many people their life inspire me and I love reading his books.
"Think Big" is a book I will totally suggest for everybody.
The outfit pictures are taken during those chaotic times I couldn't put up any post.
Fall in Germany is so beautiful and inspirational.
Here I am wearing a vintage midi skirt paired with my new "baby" bag.
Quoting Dr Carson
"I started reading about people of great accomplishment... and it dawned on me suddenly that the person who has the most to do with what happens in your life is you" 
What I wore:
Sweater/ Esprit
Coat/ Miss Patina
Necklace & Shoes/ Zara
Skirt & Bag/ Vintage

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 photo MidiSkirt_zpsd93a4689.jpg

 photo VintageOutfit_zps9afc8a69.jpg

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 Have a very productive week ahead.
This post is submitted for the IFB autumnal pastels project.

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