Model Files: Malaika Firth

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Models are not just cloth hangers, at least some of them.
They are people with personalities, flaws and all, they may be gorgeous human beings but they are still human beings.
When the fashion world decide to be "white-washed" in the year 2013, Malaika firth is now regarded by some people in the industry as the "face of change". It is a shame to see that even though we are in this supposedly civilized age, not being caucasian is regarded as a bad thing.
So, Prada decided to use a model of color for their campaign after 20 years since they used Naomi, is that even a good thing for such a big company that is purchased worldwide by people of various heritages? why is it that this amazingly blessed girl have to be famous as the "next" somebody? can't she be her own person?
Is it not an insult to a large group of Prada or whatsoever brand buyers when the brands refuse to use models like them or just stick to a specific race?
Oh and please tell me again why is it that we are still classifying people based on the colour of their skin in the year 2013?
Back to Lady Malaika and this post. I will be featuring runway models that I find intriguing, stunning and off course deserve the "file" post.
oh and I say models regardless of colour or race as the fashion world is turning into a race ruled world.
Why Malaika?
She is young, stunning, walked on some great runways with grace, and finally I am having a model crush at the moment.
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Thank you all and have a wonderful day.

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