Style: 3 Ways To Style the Gucci Ursula Sandals

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Every girl have an undying love for shoes, so it's not big news that we have seen these glossy, edgy sandals on pretty much every fashion persona ( that can afford them of course).
Part of the Spring/Summer 2013 collection of Gucci, being worn by almost every celebrities and be duped of course, like every It product, we have come across.
Pure made in Italy, sky-high heels, ankle buckles, padded soles for comfort, oh what is more to make an outfit chic and  grungy.  It also comes in very vibrant hues.

I will love to style them in my own personal outfits too and walking around town like I have no care in the World, I will of course have to do that only in my dreams for now and thank God for polyvore, I can share my dream looks with you all.
Here are 3 different outfit ideas for occasions that varies:

1. Date Night
The perfect date night or girl's night out look. 

 photo GucciUrsulaRed_zpsd99bc6cb.jpg

2.Casual daytime
A casual look for grabbing coffee with friends and running errands.

 photo GucciUrsulaBlue_zps770b6aec.jpg

3. Work Outfit
A print pencil skirt, monochrome top for work, meetings or interviews.

 photo GucciUrsulaBlack_zps250a1d98.jpg

 photo tumblr_ms5pczYezx1qm5deqo1_500_zpsb042aa53.jpg
Which set  is your favourite?
Will you wear these sandals?
Have a great hump day and kisses.


  1. I love the shoes I'm totally obsessed with them they're very chic & sexy..I love the different ways you styled the shoes with the outfits I can totally see myself in any of them..

  2. Gosh, the Ursula's are stunning! I adore the third set, even though the second is closer to my style! Ah, sigh, now only to find a similar pair (though I m sure that the Gucci buckle would be hard to dupe)!

    1. The buckle is so hard to dupe and dupes I have seen are so not cool at all!

  3. Oh I love sky-high heels!! ANd those Gucci in blue are awesome....but the price is a kind of......but I would like to have them!! won't you?

  4. Very beautiful suggestions! I am between sets 2 and 3!

  5. Adeola, these heels are killer, just to die for! Wish I had them!:) Love how you styled them, my fav set is the casual one, very stylish!:) Kisses dear! xo

  6. They are gorgeous!!! i love the second outfit!

  7. OMG,those blue heels are to die for! love the 2nd look

    Video outfit YOUTUBE

  8. this type of sandal is gorgeous.. love this type of post..xx

  9. Yessss... The shoes & the outfits is EVERYTHING!

  10. Fabulous set, your styling is so fresh and chic.

  11. Fabulous sets, you styling is so fresh and chic.

  12. This is a fabulous pair of heels and love the looks you created to style them with. Wish i could wear them all! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by hun :)

  13. I love the sandals and I love the way you styled them! I think my favorite look is the office outfit! Very chic and sexy!


  14. These shoes are gorgeous, I love it in the blue. All of these outfits are amazing!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  15. Ωχ μου βάζεις δύσκολα γιατι μου αρεσουν και τα 3 χρωμα στα παπουτσια
    αλλά και τα 3 σετ που εχεις φτιάξει!

  16. Oh darling, these are all great settings but i adore the daytime look!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  17. Oh darling, these are all great settings but I adore the daytime look!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


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