Guest Post: Bioten Genovate Anti-Ageing and Regenerating Cream and Serum Review

Today we are having  a guest post by my blogger Friend Demi from
I wish you all a wonderful start of the weekend and leave you at the expert hands of the expecting mum of one boy already.

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Sometime ago I was happily surprised to find out that I was the winner of Adeola's giveaway and I received two gifts from Bioten. Thank you very much Adeola!
The first product is an antiageing and regenerating day cream and the second one is an antiageing and regenerating eye serum.
Both products are for women of age 35-45. I'm a little younger, but I decided I would give them a try anyway.


What I was more anxious to use was the eye serum as I had run out of an eye cream. The area around the eyes is sensitive and we must be very careful with the products we use. I started using the serum from the first moment I received it as I had neglected this area and since then I've been using it every morning and night.
As I grow older I am worried about my skin, so I try not to forget it.
Although I didn't have any serious problems, like wrinkles or bags under my eyes, I am satisfied with this product. I feel it very soft and I also use it before my eye make up to moisturise the area.
I also started using the day cream from the first day I got it. I didn't feel any irritation on my sensitive skin.
Nevertheless, as I'm not in the age group for this cream when a friend of mine came over my house I decided to give it to her as she is a little older than me and she would appreciate it more. She was happy with the gift!
The days that I used it I felt my skin soft and I didn't notice anything bad, but I don't have wrinkles yet to see how it works on them. I hope I won't have for a long time!
Dear Adeola, Thank you again for the beautiful gifts and for hosting my review here!


  1. Great to see Demi on your blog! Thanks for this great review. I always enjoy hearing about new beauty buys.

  2. Lady Adeola i think that you have become an expert in beauty products presentations. I totally love this one.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  3. Demi, congrats on the guest post on Adeola's blog! I never heard about these products, would love to try them! Kisses to you both dear girls!:) xo

  4. Sounds like a lovely product and congrats to Demi.

  5. The eye serum sounds interesting. Yes, fortunately I don't have wrinkles yet. But, great guest post. Have a wonderful weekend. x/M

  6. Lovely review. Glad I was able to learn more about this anti aging product.

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  7. Thank you very much Adeola both for the gifts and the beautiful introduction to the post!
    You're always so sweet with me!
    Many kisses!!!!

  8. have a great weekend my dearest friend!

  9. I'm very lax about anti-ageing products and I know next to nothing about them but thanks for sharing this...

  10. Thanks for sharing this review, very useful!

  11. Nice post!

  12. I am very intrigued by this because I am a fan of Bioten in general, and take the pill version of it...I think I must try this! :)

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