BMW Munich

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Fashion and architecture are two inseparable presence of art for me at least.
I am always excited to drool over great designs and take each moment to appreciate every details.
If it was up to me, I will be born in the Renaissance period and  living in Florence going out exploring the opulent works of Michelangelo.

Lately I have found myself exploring home designs and exterior designs since I am helping my friend read proof her architecture thesis.
Here are pictures from the interior of BMW in Munich, my soon to be home and one of the most architectural cities in Europe.

 photo MunichBMW_zpsc3964beb.jpg

 photo Munich_zps59c6bcfa.jpg

 photo MunichGermany_zpsb5df589c.jpg

 photo Munich1_zps47935632.jpg

 photo MunichArchitecture_zps09551f01.jpg
*images via here.
Have a lovely evening and be inspired.


  1. Wow beautiful architecture! I am impressed!

  2. You're moving to Munich?! Sounds exciting! :)

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  3. Such gorgeous and inspiring architecture! Love this post.

    The Marcy Stop

  4. Is so impressive! I love architecture too!

  5. Beautiful architecture! Didn't know you were moving, best of luck with it x

  6. Εντυπωσιακοτατο ντιζάιν!


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