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We all worry about skin issues, we want to have that flawless and perfect skin we see on those perfectly photoshopped covers.
Let's be real though we all know it takes a great amount of work to have a great and healthy skin.
Oh and there is no such thing as the those perfect magazine covers, if we leave it all to luck.
So, that make me want to share with you one of the basic step of getting to a perfect skin, MOISTURISE..
Its, basic and very important for every skin type.
I am no expert, but my dermatologist is always very keen on it and so is all my surroundings while growing up.
There are so many things that help us with the moisturising step, like drinking water and other.
But for now I will share body creams that really do the job and deserve to be spend your money on if you haven't tried them already.
 So here are products that help me kind my skin hydrated at the very best possible .

1. Bioten Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion.(Dry Skin)
The calming effect of its basic ingredients,bamboo and yoghourt, soothes and nourishes the skin.
Its absorb very fast and smell so soft and perfect!
I love that it keep the harsh areas of my skin like the elbow, knee and legs subtle and soft.
Other bonuses: Cheap, paraben free, organic and can easily fit my traveling bag.

2.Bioten Body Nutrients Silky Radiance Lotion.
This one is my love just firstly for the smell, it give your skin the scent of hot chocolate souffle!
Made from a 100% cacao butter and macadamia .
Its perfect for normal to dry skin. I apply it after shower and it instantly dry up.


This is TBS favourites.
3. TBS Watermelon Pasteque Body Lotion.
It was a fair trade limited edition and its sad because I didn't stock up.
My perfect companion for a breezy and subtle skin in the hot summer months.
The refreshing scent is just another bonus.
4.TBS Divine Calm Blissful Body Butter.
I am a huge fan of TBS body butter range.
There are my skin must have to survive winter.
This specific one was a limited edition three years ago, I specifically bought 10 just to stock up but the eventually finish.
I used it late at night after a hot and thorough bath.
The lavender ans camomile smell ease up all tension in the body and my skin felt like a baby's then next morning.
5.TBS Raspberry Body Butter
If you don't like heavy fruity smell, this is not for you.
The smell and the fact that it was another yet limited edition made me want it.
It saved my skin from the cruel winter weather this winter and I hope the bring it back next Christmas.
Now I just open it whenever I feel nostalgic for Christmas.

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6.Cumaea Red Passion Body Cream
Its perfect because it was all homemade from a Greece Based company.
I love and admire the dedication put into its production and I am proud to say it the best when it comes to moisturising your body.
I used it with other products from the same company and I am stoned at the result.
Using my second bottle already.
Will have to stock some with me to Germany.
Hope my mum isn't reading this because my load are too much already and she is complaining about it.


7.Deep Steep Body Lotion
Perfect for dry skin or normal skin during the dry winter season.
Chemical free, organic, and the tube is recyclable too.
The bergamot scent is heaven to your nose and I love the silky feeling it gives my skin.

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8.Sephora Musk Almond Body Lotion
Its texture is great for summer and so is the mild almond scent.
It was just a product I bought out of curiosity and I ended up liking it a lot.
I take it with me to the gym/training to use after my training shower.

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The most basic essential, it is a multi-tasking products.
I can't start to list all the things you can use it for.
A night treat for toes and fingers, a lip balm diy and so many others.
Everyone need a vaseline.

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I know this post is super long, but if you have read it up to here.
I hope you find it useful and informative.
Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.
*This is not a sponsored post and all written words are solely mine.


  1. I will go for the Body Shop products. They come in great package, great quality and they smell divine.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  2. I have the same addiction Adeola but I never tried the products you share, must be good since you got a lovely skin! Have a good day, kisses! xo

  3. Thank you for sharing Adeola!!!

  4. I'm all about some good, and lovely smelling, lotions for summer, and especially love the ones with a little shimmer in them! :) Thank you for such a great review, love the Body Shop...think I might need to stop in there! Hope you are having a Wonderful Wednesday!!!

  5. Thanks 4 sharing with us... nice products

  6. Thanks for the hint! I also love body shop products! <3

  7. Lovely items, I want them all!

  8. Yes, moisturizing is very important!

  9. Same addiction here ... Love Body Shop products :)


  10. Great suggestions! I love the body shop body butter! Smells so good and feels luxurious x

  11. Hi babe, this post comes at a perfect time, with it being winter here, skin feels drier. I love the Body Shop body butters, the other brands we don't get here, Great reviews.

  12. That's a lot of body lotions. They look very good for skin. I tend to use Aveeno, Eucerin or organic products.

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  13. Great review on these body products, i def agree with you. I have never gone wrong with body shop products. Your reviews are so real.

  14. I lovvvvve the pink grapefruit body butter from TBS best, can't beat it!


  15. Ι sure loved tha body shop Watermelon and Rasberty, and certainly the cocoa butter rom Bioten, perfect smell and hydration!! Nice post Adeola!

  16. Thank you for sharing! I love trying out new products xx

  17. Those moisturizers look awesome, especially the raspberry body butter! I love the smell of raspberries so I think I will like that one! Thanks for sharing!


  18. A tip with the Vaseline: apply a little bit of it on the part of a shoes that is painful. It makes the leather smoother and no pain anymore. Thank you for the comment on my blog. Romi

  19. συμφωνω !! εχω κ γω σχεδον ολα οσα σου αρεσουν ειδικα του TBS & Bioten τα εχω αγορασει 2-3 φορες...
    πολυ ωραιες επιλογες!!


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