The Beauty in Tennis

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My love for sport is always been evident on this blog, the passion in both fashion and sport is my biggest motivation.
I have hear so many people tell me, they can't see the connection between the two.
But, of course there is a very strong connection, athletes see ourselves as model of all our hard work in every competition. We all care about our appearance and also feel very passionate about fashion.
Most of us more than others, they even make it  second job or just do a part time work in fashion.
From Tennis players, footballers, basketball players to runners, fashion does affect us on a daily basis.
Watching the Roland Garros and waiting for the finals these days, make me want to share this view with all of you.
Maria Sharapova models, Serena and her sister have their own line. Nadal is a Nike model and Novak can even model for any high fashion house.
My point is, there is beauty in every sport and a tennis court is more of a runway to a tennis player.

I hope Serena wins the female final and my love for Nadal will always leave me unbiased to see him make a grand comeback after a hard year with injury.

Are you a tennis fan and who are you rooting for to win this grand slam?
Enjoy your weekend and these passionate images from Paris.
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  1. I really want to see Nadal making a come back. I love this guy and he really had a hard last year. I admire Serena and Federer as well. Me and my love watch the grand tours of tennis every year but i am a really fan of Roland Garros.

  2. I luuuv tennis! Lovely post!!!
    Serena is a σιγουράκι! :P

  3. They are beautiful people and I love their bodies!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  4. I'm actually listening to tennis on Radio Roland Garros as I type this!

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  5. I agree with your words Adeola, I love sport too and I think there is a connection with fashion as well! I dont follow tennis so much but hope they win! Kisses dear! xo

  6. I loveeeeee Tennis, this a amazing sport!!

    New post on the blog:

  7. I don't really follow tennis but I can appreciate the sport. It takes such amazing athleticism!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. I also love sport, and especially tennis! Great bodies, healthy and gorgeous!

  9. Serena is fantastic! I hope she wins too!


  10. Fantastic post, my dear...good to have learned about your tennis love! :) Love your comparison to the tennis court as a runway!

  11. Jeez!I looove it!:)

  12. great honey! i love tennis and she is aamzing!


  13. I used to watch a lot of tennis during my teens. Now I rarely watch any :(


  14. Serena is Awesome!!! Words cannot describe her, love both sisters.
    I am a big fan of tennis but football na-nah, that's hubby's thingy lol.

  15. I agree hun, there is a fine line between fashion and sport, just looking at what the tennis amongst other stars wear on the court as well as off it is an indication of that.

  16. Both Serena and Maria are top tennis players. But I love Nadal more...
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  17. Yay for tennis! My friend and his brothers made their way from the French open to Wimbledon and the players they train have been winning...yay! :)

    Also, so sorry, by accident I hit "delete" on your last comment...didn't mean to, thank you for such sweet, supportive words, as always!!! <3


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