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Months ago, I asked you all the big favour of voting for my blog in the "Best Greek Beauty Blogger 2012" competition.
You were all so kind enough to show your supports by voting, your votes got us into the second place, which I am very ecstatic and grateful for.
As I mentioned here and will keep saying it every single chance I got, I am overwhelmed by the support and love I get from all of you.
The contest was also sponsored by the companies in the above image. I will share the prizes I received with you in this post.
When I entered the contest, I had no idea I even had a chance to win, so when I did, I knew I own it to all of you.
I am so grateful for the companies, who sponsored the contest and also had the decency to send out the prizes.
As usual, some sponsors never sent out anything, and their pr representatives were the worst I have ever encounter.
But, lets go to the wonderful presents I was sent, a big  "Thank you" for all the sponsors.
I am grateful to get the chance to try their items and even find some wonderful treasures.

The products are all organic and I already know and used most of them.
This box was the first I received , some items were giveen to my mum, since I am so young to use them and the cellufight was given to friend, that can't stop thanking me.

 photo Bioten-Copy_zps9cab76bc.jpg

 photo BIOTENBEAUTY-Copy_zpsccad6123.jpg

The nail polish is now one of my favourite pastels colours, I also like the eyeshadow.

 photo INGLOT_zpse7dbf33a.jpg

The garnier hair mask is a great treasure for my hair and I have bought back ups already.
You can read a full review here

 photo GARNIER-Copy_zps99e0b635.jpg

The most amazing treasure box ever!!!
Love it all, I have reviewed  the oil here but I will totally review the whole box, if you are interested!

 photo LIERAC_zpsce8e8bb3.jpg
The body lotion has one of the most amazing smells!

 photo ORGANICBRANDS_zps694d038b.jpg

I have reviewed the hair mouse here, the toothpaste is great but if you can't bear the taste and smell of mastic, its not for you.
The body scrub was given to my good friend that loved it too.
They all smell amazing.

 photo MASTICSPA_zps6667385c.jpg

This is one of my favourite boxes, I love all the beauty treasures in it and I really will review this because, I have found the greatest and cheapest mascara in it!

 photo IMGP7153_zpsf02787d7.jpg

The best thing is that they are all made in a kitchen of a wonderful woman, who love organic products and nature.
The box they came in smelled like heaven and my mum surprised me by buying me all of these products for back ups!
I love it all. 

 photo cumaea-Copy_zpsb5201c0c.jpg

A beautiful handmade necklace!
The handwritten note melts my heart and you all know how sentimental I get with letters!

 photo zazajewels_zps88fa2285.jpg

In this box, I found my favourite and one love of a top coat!
I will review it soon and you will be surprise at how fast, your nails can be dried and glossy.

 photo MAVALA_zps9a10ed2f.jpg

12. Toyoko Greece
Beautiful items, I haven't even tried them yet!
I like the smell of the lip gloss though!

 photo TOYOKO_zps9f20078c.jpg

A wonderful and exotic journey to Asia whenever I used them.
These treasures totally deserve their own post.

 photo IMGP7918_zps86715edd.jpg

I actually used them and tried to colour my natural hair.
Unfortunately it was a disaster not because of the products but because my super dark hair can be easily coloured.
I keep using the gloss and it has changed my hair a little bit.

 photo Phyto_zpsedec643d.jpg

These are the best gifts, you can give to a runner!
The best treasure for my feets, after all the hard workout and training.
I have a post prepared, its your perfect summer essential before Sandal hunt.
 photo ALLABOUTEVE_zps05d8a96f.jpg

A big "THANK YOU" from the bottom of my heart to all of you and these wonderful sponsors.
Have you tried any of this products?
PS: A new summer giveaway with 10 winners is on the way soon.
Love you all and kisses.


  1. Όλες οι εταιρίες έστειλαν πολύ όμορφα πράγματα.. :)
    Καλοφόρετα όλα!!

  2. Wow so many products!!!


  3. Congrats for the second place, love! I'm glad you got all those gifts, you really deserve them :) ♡

  4. Wow! This is an amazing win! Congrats! The products look amazing!


  5. Hi Adeola! You have been spoiled, just love all the stuff you got, too amazing and good! Congrats dear, you deserve it!!! Have a good day, kisses! xo

  6. congrats awesome prize. have lots of fun with it.

  7. Congrats again!
    Wow! You have a whole shop with cosmetics!
    I'm sorry that some sponsors didn't send the gifts because we all advertised them with the banner.

  8. congrats girl!I wish you to have a lot of fun with them!and give as food for thought :)

  9. Congratulations sweety, thats really well done! Amazed by all these lovely goodies you received, can't wait to hear your reviews about them!

  10. Congrats on the second place finish and all the awesome goodies you were sent!

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  11. Looks like some great products!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. Congratulations! I'm so glad you won! :)

  13. great products!! ^^

  14. Nice! Lucky you! Love Bioten!

  15. I appreciate your visit dear, its always interesting to hear your views...Happy Friday!


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