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My weekend has been crazily full with different wonderful activities.
One of them is spending time with my wonderful mum, who came from Germany days ago.
Taking up on the chance that she is here, I decide to change my hair. I caved and after 4 good years of going natural, I finally chemically "relaxed" my hair yesterday!
I am loving it at the moment, and really even though I loved been natural, but yet its just hair and this time, the relaxer is an organic one.
I will show you all soon on my next outfit post.
So since my Saturday was totally wrap around hair, I wanted to share with you this spectacular editorial.
I got some hair envy and I bet you will.
Get your summer hair inspiration after the jump....

 photo hair-leo-krumbacher12_zpsb9aa8926.jpg

 photo hair-leo-krumbacher11_zps91f77ee9.jpg

 photo hair-leo-krumbacher10_zpsa306689c.jpg

 photo hair-leo-krumbacher8_zpsf8b8279c.jpg

 photo hair-leo-krumbacher9_zps09009aa3.jpg

 photo hair-leo-krumbacher7_zpsa7c8d04d.jpg

 photo hair-leo-krumbacher6_zps98537cfa.jpg

 photo hair-leo-krumbacher4_zps5ce0726e.jpg

Enjoy the rest of your Sundays my dolls!
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  1. Hi Adeola! Great hair inspiration, also my hair would need a new change!:) Kisses and happy Sunday! xo

  2. Lady Adeola, first of all a warm welcome to your mom. Secondly why are you showing us all these hair which are really great but we are your big fans and we want to see yours!!! Waiting for your new look baby!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  3. These are super hairstyles, I worked my natural hair for a very long time too, i know how it feels arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! its so tough and very expensive to maintain. Cant wait to see your pretty hair. Kisses...

  4. Thanks a bunch dear, I am on yours as well now! Keep in touch also there please, my pleasure!:) Kisses and have a goodnight! xo

  5. Amazing hair styles! Especially love the messy hair <3

    xx, Camille at

  6. Wow, that hair is so pretty! So shiny! :)


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