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Home at last after a very emotionally filled three days with my co-athletes, coaches and friends.
It was exhausting yet extraordinarily amazing.
We took a trip to Meteora after our competition, and I was blown away by the beauty of that magical and wonderful work of nature.
I promise more pictures to come, but for today take a little preview into my wednesday pink outfit.
How was your weekends and did you all have a wonderful start of the week?
That's all for now, I got to get some serious rest, my back is killing me, blame my sprained back muscles and irritated sciatic nerve.


  1. Hi sweety, sounds like a really progressive few days, you certainly deserve some good rest. Ive been ill this week :( but hopefully recovering. Cant wait to see this entire look, loving the colour blend already

  2. Hi Adeola! Glad you had a nice getaway, sounds so nice and funny!:) so curious to see the whole look, I can tell you already that I am in love with your skirt! Kisses dear, have a good day! xo

  3. Great going Adeola !! Loving your skirt :)
    lace dress

  4. Babe...I love the color combination:)...cannot wait for more:) And oh..you went to Meteora:) It's a magical place!! I love it. Sadly we didn't have a chance to meet over there last time...but I am sure we will meet later:)..Great photo...and all your recent photos:)



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