The Celine T-shirt and Floral Skirt

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Floral is one of my favourite spring trend,so I style my favourite skirt and the prominent Celine Paris tee from my beautiful girls from Prettynyummy giveaway I won.
This look is based on two part: The first is translating your floral skirt into an office/work outfit and the second is the same look but taking off the blazer and turning your look into a girly and romantic one, all ready for a girls night on the town.
I personally wore this to my Sunday brunch with my sisters.

Φλοράλ πάντου και γιατί να μην τα βάλεις στην δουλεία αλλά και το βράδυ της Παρασκευή με τα κορίτσια σου;
Πάρε λοιπόν ιδέες για το πώς παρακάτω, εγώ τα έβαλα και στο κυριακάτικο τραπέζι με τις αδερφές μου στο εστιατόριο που πηγαίνουμε.

The outfit:
T-shirt: Secret Boutique.
Skirt: HnM
Shoes: OASAP
Blazer:Next U.K.
Clutch: FullahSugar
Sunglasses: Romwe
Lips: Sephora Ruby Red.

The Office Look. 
 photo IMGP9406_zpsbc97b0d0.jpg

 photo IMGP9401_zpsa120b02f.jpg

 photo IMGP9398_zps02adfde1.jpg

 photo IMGP9379_zps9973ced6.jpg

 photo IMGP9391_zps43f967f0.jpg
Of course I want to see you smile dolls.

 photo IMGP9392_zps51d5197b.jpg

The Girly Look
We all need a little bit of romance, no matter what the situation is.
Οσο δύσκολα και αν είναι τα πράγματα, λίγο ρομαντισμός δεν βλάπτει.

 photo IMGP9360_zps83a80346.jpg

 photo IMGP9343_zps37a6d1dc.jpg

 photo IMGP9347_zpse4b92b85.jpg

 photo FloralSkirt_zps44125a38.jpg

 photo IMGP9383_zpse7edc0a6.jpg

 photo IMGP9369_zps21aa2467.jpg

 photo IMGP9368_zps0090df85.jpg

a tout a l'heure mes amies.

PS: Please help me Vote for my look on Lucky Community frontpage.
Give it a "vote" up go here and I will be forever grateful to you.
Thank you dolls.


  1. Babes you look hot in that celine t shirt, that top is rocking right now, so much in style. I got the white tee last week, still waiting for it to arrive. You rock sweetie..

  2. Hi Adeola! You look great! The colors suit you! I like the tee with the skirt! Went to the page and gave the vote, good luck! Kisses! xo

  3. Hi babe, this will go down as one of my favourite looks of yours, love the pretty girliness of the skirt and the chic blazer, and of course the tshirt is ultra vogue. Fantastic look hun!

  4. Voted!!! Love the celine tee :)


  5. Τι μου κανεις τωρα?! Το λατρευω αυτο το μπλουζακι και θελω και εγω να παρω ενα!
    Τελεια το συνδυασες!

  6. yes!! Love that skirt!! and the shoes!!! great look!

  7. Nice look! It fits very very well :D

  8. Η φούστα σου πάει τρέλα!

  9. love that skirt so much <33 it so cute and i love those colors:)
    lots of love xx

  10. Merci for your lovely comment on my Blog! ♥ You look adorable in that Outfit!

    Lots of Love, Kyra

  11. Well aren't you a picture of summer! You look terrific, love it when you wear hot pinks, oranges and shorts/short skirts -cos your legs go on forever!!!
    Been catching up, so many fab hair products but what I did like to read was your Vit E BB cream, I have always love TBS Vitamin E face cream-did it have a similar smell? I've not checked out new beauty products in a while!

    Hope all is well with you!

  12. Love the Celine t-shirt *_*


  13. στο είπα και στο insta... πολυ ωραιο look σου παει πολυ! μια κούκλα είσαι!

  14. I appreciate your visit hun, hope your week is going well!

  15. Super!
    I love this outfit from head to toe.
    That tee is adorable and the skirt is great! Love the colours!

    xoxo G.
    BLOG: In Moda Veritas | Facebook | Bloglovin'

  16. cute outfit! I really love your skirt and your purse

  17. Great look!

  18. You look very cute!
    I voted for you. Good luck!

  19. T-shirt and skirt look amazing together!!!!

  20. love this look so much ! You look great dear :))

  21. Loving this look. It is so effortlessly chic!!! :) You look lovely.

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