The Body Shop Makeover Journey: The Strawberry Look Pt (3)

 photo beauty-104_zps071f9ec7.jpg

On my last pampering trip to The Body Shop which I told you all about here,I also have my make up done.
It was the international woman's day and also the beginning of the Greek Apokries (Halloween), so since I was going out that night we decided to do the strawberry look with Anthie (my favourite Make up artist at the moment).
I love doing my make up but the pink eye shadow is one I always avoid using.
I think of myself as a woman of colour need to use more subtle colour on my eyes since I am also a big fan of Red lips,but I convince of the opposite of this look was done.

The eye shadow is a part of the new amazing shades of eye shadows from TBS, I will show them and talk about them soon.

 photo beauty-41_zps8da9e5ff.jpg

 photo beauty-42_zps6760cc2e.jpg

 photo beauty-43_zpsc4348d0a.jpg

Th new BB Cream cool with Vitamin E was the only coverage we used since I just had a facial consultation and I also never find my tone of make up in TBS anyway (sad story since I love TBS). I am so in love with this BB and I have been using it since then that I feel like I will do a review on it soon.

 photo beauty-46_zps163d2f48.jpg

 photo beauty-47_zps3c7f16db.jpg

The eye shadow look purplish here but its actually a very vibrant strawberry pink.

 photo beauty-50_zps5bac45e6.jpg

 photo beauty-49_zps8f397be4.jpg

 photo beauty-52_zps625d34d1.jpg

 photo beauty-54_zps17f44bde.jpg

A purple eye liner added the perfect touch.

 photo beauty-55_zps5a051cbc.jpg

 photo beauty-58_zps87989eda.jpg
Adding Mascara. My favourite part of make up, It enhance the whole look.

 photo beauty-59_zpsa3390dde.jpg
See what I mean?

 photo beauty-61_zps811c8b46.jpg
A little lipgloss moment.

 photo beauty-64_zpsb6c7fbcb.jpg

 photo beauty-66_zpsf2c7a503.jpg
Here is the final look.
What do you think?
Products used: 
BB Cream cool + Vitamin E
Eye shadow/Pink Crush
Mascara/ Super Volume 
Lipgloss/Lip&Cheeck Stain 
All products are TBS.


  1. Love following your Body Shop makeover. Thanks for sharing all these pictures with us!

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  2. Σου πάει πολύ το ροζ!

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  3. You look amazing. Dark skin tone goes great with these colors. Well done body shop and take good care of lady Adeola!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  4. Nice colors!

  5. u look great!! love the eyes and thankx for the lovely comment on the blog!!

  6. I like the makeup it looks very natural!

  7. Αχ είναι τόσο όμορφο το ροζάκι σαν σκιά!!


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