The Body Shop Makeover Journey: Skincare Consultation (Pt2)

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Hello beauties!
How have your week been going ? I am very grateful for all your comments on my latest outfit look and all your love for so long.
Thanks to you all I was invited once again for a day of pampering to my skin at The Body Shop Greece store in my town once again on Thursday.

My last makeover trip at the store was more than pleasant, I got to meet the amazing team and they were more than amazing to me, and I am now in the place to call them all friends, since I can easily call them to ask for some beauty tips and secrets.(You can see part 1 here)
The skin consultation day is a new service offered by TBS where you are offered a wonderful rejuvenating ,unique and relaxing experience.
I found myself in the hands of Anthie once again and I am more than pleased with my experience.
For my Greek readers, there is a little something for you all at the end of this post.
Here are pictures and my whole experience for the day.

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My face before the experience, we are having a laugh and  catching up with Anthie and Ioanna.
I look a bit tired since I just finished training that day before heading over there.

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Learning about their new products and what is to come in  the next month.
Loved that Vitamin C face scrub, I am getting my hands on it soon.

 photo beauty-4_zps2295f2d6.jpg
Prepping my face with some water.

 photo beauty-5_zps70501224.jpg
Cleansing first.

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Reading the content, I know right? but I love to know what I am putting on my skin.
I am glad TBS products are chemical free and I can use them without feeling that I am putting skin in a risk.
 photo beauty-10_zpsb8fe3001.jpg
Exfoliate, this vitamin C scrub is just more than amazing and smell so good.
 photo beauty-11_zps5c418614.jpg
Anthie knows my skin quite well and she used the Tea Tree line for oily skin on me, which is exactly the line I use at home too.
I will have to do my morning skin routine post, now that I remember, lol.

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Asking questions about the Vitamin E line, I am in love with the new BB cool cream and the eye cream from this line.

 photo beauty-14_zpse8e2bf76.jpg  photo beauty-15_zps35eebf40.jpg  photo beauty-20_zps46213340.jpg
Anthie preparing the mask.

 photo beauty-22_zpse06f649f.jpg
Hahahaha don't laugh, I still look cute right? just green cute.

 photo beauty-24_zps74a1f9fa.jpg
A smile for you all, have you ever notice my gap this much?

 photo beauty-26_zps249a91b4.jpg

  photo beauty-97_zps826f744c.jpg
 photo beauty-94_zpsea324421.jpg

 photo beauty-27_zpsf74cde29.jpg
Introducing their new hand cream + sanitiser.
Perfect combination for me after training and the smell is refreshing, of course I bought the Absinthe one  instantly.
 photo beauty-28_zps70548c55.jpg 

 photo beauty-29_zps017d919e.jpg 
The mask is off and welcome back non green Adeola.

 photo beauty-31_zpsd85e7364.jpg 
Toning the face.

 photo beauty-32_zps639d01cf.jpg 
 photo beauty-101_zps1bee3d06.jpgEye cream moment.

 photo beauty-35_zpsa143b009.jpg 
Moisturise, Moisturise and Moisturise

 photo beauty-39_zps7ff64b26.jpg  photo beauty-40_zpsd2c2cde9.jpg 
My new baby smooth and reborn skin and of course I have to see it myself.

 photo beauty-69_zps1b437ccf.jpg  photo beauty-72_zpscae9fd86.jpg 
The good news is that the service is offered free and all you really have to do is call your nearest store and book an appointment, I am not sure how it is done abroad but for my Greek readers I have all the addresses of the stores, the days and their phones here:

ΑΘΗΝΑ: Καλλιθέα - κάθε Πέμπτη (Τ: 210-9582590) / Νέα Σμύρνη - κάθε Παρασκευή (Τ: 210-9356006) / Πειραιάς - κάθε Δευτέρα (Τ: 210-4226168) / Γλυφάδα - κάθε Τετάρτη (Τ: 210-8947062) / Ψυχικό - κάθε Παρασκευή (Τ: 210-6778940) / ΥΠΟΛΟΙΠΗ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ: Κέρκυρα - κάθε Τρίτη (Τ: 2661-026539) / Ιωάννινα - κάθε Τρίτη (Τ: 2651- 076505) / Κοζάνη - κάθε Τρίτη (Τ: 2461- 024663) Καβάλα - κάθε Τρίτη (Τ: 2510-232221).

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Mini face masks, so you can try or even for travelling purpose, nobody like packing their whole bathroom while on the road.

 photo beauty-82_zps39a8b1be.jpg 
Hello Vitamin C scrub, come to mama.

 photo beauty-83_zps3d044db8.jpg    
All the products used on my skin and the other good news is that you got a 20% off if you happen to buy anything that day,great right?

 photo beauty-103_zps38c2efa9.jpg 
My new love is the BB Cream, since the BB cream craze, I haven't find one in my skintone and its has been very annoying since I am not really the girl that love heaven make and the BB idea was the perfect solution.
Finally I have found my skin new love.
Its perfect for my skin and also contains Vitamin E which my Dad analysed to me back in the days that its amazing for our skin.
I have been using it since I brought it back home and I can't wait to review it soon.
You will see it on my face in the make up post I will do soon.

 photo beauty-104_zps071f9ec7.jpg
I also got my make up done and yes I got the strawberry look, I wasn't sure how it will look but I was pretty  amazed, most of you have seen it on Facebook.
You will get to see how the BB Cream Cool fit perfectly.

 photo IMGP7952_zpse2531411.jpg
And of course I got myself a little something, I am sure you already can guess.
Will show you soon.
I am sorry it end up been such a long post, imagine me begging you and I hope you aren't bored.
Thank you all so much for reading.
A big and heartfelt thank you to The Body Shop Greece Iaonnina for having me and to Anthie, Timmo and Ioanna for the wonderful evening.
Take care beauties and see you soon.
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March 11 is officially a big day for all beauty and animal lovers in the EU,  testing of cosmetics producst on animal is officially a history and TBD celebrate by collaborating with Leona Lewis on new line that will hit the stores soon, can't wait.
 photo 550056_442979449103526_1297189790_n_zps66a310a2.jpg
If you love animals and want to stop animal testing worldwide, you can join TBS and help sign a petition Here . Share with people around you and let's all put a stop to this not only in the EU but globally.
Thank you.


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