Reminiscing old times

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Shopping can be very fun and therapeutic, but doing it in an Eco-concious way is more fun.
This is me in 2008, while living in England, mainly between, London, Birmingham and Chelmsford.
What I will always remember and laugh about about the Brits is when you they ask you "Do you want a bag with that?" while paying for your groceries.
My first reaction was "no dude I will carry it all on my head like that" I didn't say it out loud but I was thinking to.
I am a Nigerian/Greek nobody ever ask me this question before and taking from where I am , we tend to be very sarcastic and cynical, yeah think of any Greek or Nigerian you know.
What I want to bring from this is we all learn new things, while living away from "home" (for me everywhere is really home), but what do we do with those lessons?
I now always carry my own Eco bags for groceries and shopping if I can help it and will encourage you all to do so.
Its fun to shop , but its also gratifying to do so while help leaving a better planet for those to come.
You might think its insignificant you are only one person but its the little things we all do that make a huge difference.
Have a relaxing weekend and do the little you can.
PS: I pray the weather get better for a outfit post that wouldn't be from 2008. lol.
Was wearing:Hat/New Era, Top/Missy Elliot for Adidas Originals,Sunnies/Rayban,Shoes/Puma,Glove/Nike ,Jeans/Levis
A tout a l'heure les amies 


  1. Awesome picture! I have a few of these Tesco bags myself! I picked up a few when I visited London! Love your retro look!


  2. love your style of 2008 ;) Your post made me miss London - I lived there for 2 years

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  3. Yes, I also use my own eco bags. It took a while to get used to it but now it's just normal.


  4. You look so cute, very cool and funky outfit, reminds me of an awesome punk sport outfit from Step Up! In Sa we also swopped over 6 years to these bags, so we always keep a few in the car for shopping.Thank you for taking the time to stop by today!

  5. Are all these shopping bags? You lucky girl!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  6. Love the photo!

  7. Eco-concious shopping will be the thing providing a future worth living for our children, so I'm totally all for that! ♥ Good for you for making that happen, love. I wish for a better weather too, as I'm in need of outside outfit shoots ♥ Take care!! xoxo

  8. Hey Adeola, how're you doing its been a while! It was fun catching up with all your posts, I like the originality of your outfits you look great in them..

  9. Ha! I too was surprised but this when I moved from NY to Seattle a decade ago (I have since moved back to New York) I now too always carry an "econo bag" but this is going to be law soon in the US.

    Ali of



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