Phyto PHYTOBAUME REPARATEUR Conditioner for Weak and damaged hair


This is the perfect conditioner for you, if you have dry, dull, lifeless hair that breaks easily and have gone through all the torture of heat and styling products.
For me, it was what I have been searching and praying for, my natural hair (African Afro) is not only dry like the Sahara dessert, no exaggeration here, it is also very thin, dull and all even though I avoid any kind of heat or chemical it still won't just grow pfff.
Seeing the wonderful shining curls of other dark skinned beauties make me question what I have done wrong with my hair and when I received this conditioner I was very sceptical about it since I have tried almost everything.
The first day I used it after shampooing I could actually brush my hair with no tangles whatsoever and also my hair felt silky and my curls were redefined or I could actually see that I have curls and not some zigzag kind of curls  .
What I love:  The Ingredients are all organic with no inch of Silicone whatsoever, the basic ingredients are:Plant Keratin, Pomegranate extracts, I also love that my hair is deeply hydrated and also smell very nice afterwards.It is also amazing for hair with split ends
What I don't love: Sincerely nothing, I just want more of this little miracle worker!!!!
Find out more: Click here to find out more on the product site :PHYTOBAUME REPARATEUR

Thank you all for reading and kisses till next review tomorrow.

*This product is sent to me by Ales Group Hellas, all the words and opinions on this product are 100000% mine and I am not promoting but sharing a wonderful beauty find.
*Not a sponsored post.

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  1. You had me at weakened hair! I need, and no cons, that's a good thing

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, dear! I will definitely try the product!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  3. Let me say I really enjoyed this post!!!
    Come back soon to visit my fashion blog!

  4. ωω ναι!! Την έχω δοκιμάσει και εγώ και είναι τέλεια!!!
    Αχ αυτό το άρωμα της.. από τα καλύτερα που έχω δοκιμάσει ποτέ μου..

  5. Great recommendation...heard about it!


  6. Absolutely loving it,hun!

  7. Sounds like something I really need :)

  8. Hi, Many of our fans are looking forward to see pictures from excellent bloggers like you on world's 1st eyewear styling community, could we have the honor to see you there?

  9. Have not tried this product, thanks for sharing. Happy Friday dear. xx/Madison

  10. I've also used phyto before but often change depending on season. It's great there's no silicone in it too.
    Thanks for my congrats dear!
    Happy Weekend!

  11. such an amazing post! absolutely adoring your cute blog.

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  12. it sounds like a great product.. never heard of the brand before xx

  13. This is the first time I hear of this brand. Would love to try this product on my hair!



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