Letters in the I generation.

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Living in the I age sometimes make us forget what it feels like to write a letter to a love one or even to our parents, just for the fun of it and for that amazing feeling you get opening an envelope and reading those words handwritten words.
I love and miss writing and reading letter from friends, family and loved ones. The emails, facebook or skype is just not enough for me when it comes to people I care about and I think I should starting writing letter again, call me old school, maybe you are right but I love it and I will try to write more often.
I received this card from my Germany sent over by my Dad and I was so happy, because it was totally unexpected since he was the first person to call me on my birthday and I already received my gift days earlier.
So yes I love him and I love that wherever he is, he still know how to surprise me and make my day.
Do you love writing or receiving handwritten letters or cards?
Thank you for reading and kisses friends.

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  1. I love writing and receiving letters, my family still does this throughout the year just because. I always love it because it always comes at the right moment. xx

  2. Looks cool,babe!;)

  3. Awww, so sweet of your pops. I do love receiving and writing a hand-written letter/card, my closest friends and I still do this.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. I still love getting a real cars in the mail.

  5. Thats the sweetest gesture, I would be so excited to receive something this sentimental in the post....I agree, less technology, more written input. Sorry to hear about the flu, hope it doesn't effect you too much and leaves before it starts

  6. Such a lovely card! I received a card from a friend in Hong Kong today. It's always special when someone cares enough to take the time and write a personal message.


  7. THere's nothing better than sending and receiving handwritten cards and letters in the mail. It's so much more personal.

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  8. Just read your comment now...oh no, hope the fever doesn't persist, feel better soon!

  9. I miss handwritten letters and cards. It feels so much better to get them compared to regular emails.
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