Gift Idea: 8 perfect gifts for the man in your life.

Hello Rockstars!
This is a guest post from a male blogger Alex from Bang to Basic.
We live in the same town and he is the only blogger I know of in my town at least.
His style is not something I can quite describe with one specific word (this is a very good thing.).
I have met him so many times and in different occasion and he is always stylish in a way I will love to see more men in my town to.
I will do a proper post to introduce him and share is impeccable style with you all.
This time he is been super kind and helpful by giving us ladies tips on what the men in our lives will appreciate getting this Holiday and helping us with our "oh what should I get him"
I contacted him few day ago and his response was positive and quick.
So somebody stop me from blabbering and lets all read what Alex have to share and get our shopping done. I need to buy the perfect gift for my best friend since now I know what he is getting me and its so amazing!

Buying gifts for a man is a daunting task: Even from a man’s standpoint, such as mine, I can hardly remember any gift that stood the test of time - especially a piece of clothing.

But things can’t necessarily be that bad. Maybe it just is that few understand how to successfully buy a present for a young man. You see, men usually don’t enjoy getting out of their comfort zone, especially regarding style. On the other hand, “comfort zone” for most of us means “dated style”, “dressing like a 15-year-old” etc.

So, if you’re buying a Christmas present for a man you have to make sure that:

It has a classic value.
It isn’t just part of a seasonal fad.
It’s something that your man will wear.

Still, you have to choose something that goes (a little bit) beyond his stuck (or nonexistent) sense of style.

And, after that, comes another matter: Is it a surprise present or are you both going on a shop-along? Because, if you want to surprise him, it’s going to be difficult to choose the correct size of a (often difficult) blazer or pants.

Together it is? Then, let’s take a look at some great Christmas gift ideal for your man:

A Blazer.

Few things can be as versatile (and still classic) as a simple, navy blazer. Now, I know that few men would wear a blazer in their everyday life, but if you are persuasive why not push him to dress-up a bit when you both go out for a nice dinner? A woman’s opinion about “style” in a relationship can be a really powerful force of change.

Can you imagine your man wearing a simple, stylish blazer? If so, make sure to buy one that fits him right. It’s almost like a disease, watching all those oversized blazers on ignorant men, when they should have gone at least one size smaller. Study before you buy: There are lots of sources online to understand how a blazer should fit.

And even if it’s not absolutely perfect (which won’t be when it’s off-the-rack) you can (and should) take it to a tailor afterwards and make the necessary corrections.

The great thing about a blazer as a gift is that it lasts: He will surely wear it at some point in his life. And it can be quite a deal too: Try searching your nearby Zara or H&M, where you can find many great but affordable pieces, between 50€ and 100€.

I’d go for a slightly casual blazer, since the more formal it goes, the less he’ll find an excuse to put it on. Stay simple, stay casual, stay cool. And watch the fit!

This is a good blazer!


And this one too


An Oxford Button-Down Shirt.


An OCBD is a man’s wardrobe staple: You can’t go wrong with one in a simple blue hue - especially if you make sure it fits right.

He’ll definitely wear it, because he will want to wear it: An OCBD is both stylish and comfortable. And each time he finds himself in it, he will think of you. Mission accomplished!

Read more about the Oxford Button-Down at:

A warm, grey sweater.


Yes, I know, not everybody wears shirts and blazers - and, in the end, there are always those sportier, casual days in our lives. So, why not buy him a sportswear basic: a grey sweater.

This is an essential piece of the American collegiate attire (what we have come to call “preppy”). He can wear it in his house, he can wear it to play basketball, he can wear it for a casual coffee with jeans, he can put it over a shirt - he can do almost anything with it.

And the best part comes when you steal it for him and keep it for yourself. Well, it’s you that bought it in the first place...


A gift is to be used, to be worn, to remind him of you: That’s exactly what a shoe does best. Because a man could have tens of shirts, tens of pants but, usually, no more than 5 pairs of shoes. And if we’re talking about the usual 20 year old man, he may only have one pair of old, worn-out Nike trainers. Bad!

On the other hand, here’s your big chance to make a difference with your gift: A stylish, nice pair of shoes.

You shouldn't go too formal, but stay away from sneakers and sporty pieces. Why not try a pair of brown brogues, a simple brown oxford or a stylish rugged boot.

The budget may start from as little as 50€ (you can find many great pieces on ASOS), a good pair of boots may take you to 100€ and after that only the sky is the limit.

«But, I want to surprise him!»

I know: You can’t try the blazers on him and definitely can’t choose a shoe with absolute certainty. No problem! There are many accessories and minor pieces that would still make a great present - and also be friendlier with your aching wallet.

A nice, warm scarf.

A cloth that he hangs around his neck to keep him warm during the freezing winter nights. Is there any better way to remind him of you and maybe associate you with all this lovely warmness?

You can go the frugal way and grab one from the nearest ZARA (they have many cool pieces) or you can try shopping something much more elegant (and pricier) like a cashmere scarf. Cashmere! Such an amazing wool. You should buy one if you can afford it and, I'm sure, he’ll  be wearing it for many winters to come.

A slim tie.

Is your man a “tie man” or not? I'm not talking about serious, lawyer-like, wide, silk ties - I'm talking about slim, woollen, modern ties that can really enhance a male outfit.

And you don’t have to pair it with a suit - wear one with your Oxford shirt under a sweater, making it casual with a bang. Trust me, it’s great.

Some people may feel uncomfortable in one, but if your man likes to experiment and try some different styles a grey, woollen tie or (even better) a black, knitted tie will come in handy. Just make sure to choose something you would see in GQ Magazine, not in your grandpa’s wardrobe.

A wallet.Photobucket
Does he use one? If he does, he will think of you every time he pays. I hope he doesn't end up associating this bad feeling with you... Maybe you shouldn't get him one. I don’t know, take a risk!

If you make the gamble, at least buy one that won’t be out of place in a year: Make it slim, classy and leather. And simple.

A stylish, new backpack.
Bags are a woman’s matter, but still, a man may go to college and he needs a place to put his notes. Or, maybe, he wants some place to put his iPad in, on his way to the cafe.

Anyway, that old, torn Adidas backpack of his has to make its last trip: to the waste-basket.

A stylish, new backpack, based on rugged, outdoor pieces, is a practical gift that he’s going to use for college, to hold his stuff on a rainy day, or for a two-day trip to his best mate.

Whatever use he’s going to find for it, you’ll have made a great, useful choice that’s not going to break the bank. ASOS has some great selections, so check it out.

And don’t forget: Whatever the gift, the only thing that may last through the years is the memories that you’ll make this Christmas. So, buy him something good or don’t, but don’t forget to make him remember that you were the greatest gift this year.

Because love and affection is the only thing that matters - and you can’t buy that.

 Thanks for reading and I hope it was helpful.
Cheers and take care till next post.


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