Hello dears.
How are you all doing and how is your week going so far?
Have you all been preparing for Thanksgiving (to all my American readers) and Christmas?
I feel so excited for this month already finishing, I have been looking and searching online of course for the perfect dress and perfect gifts to all my loved ones.

I am also excited I was contacted by the PR manager of Surreal Pall Mall to check out the new A/W line and I was so thrilled and won over at once to share their creative works with all of you, so when they ask me to host a post for them I accepted immediately.
So you will ask what is so fascinating about this Surreal Pall Mall clothing, right?
Personally what I love his the simplicity of their dress and how they get their inspiration from everyday items.
Their Autumn/ Winter line was inspired from the Spirit of Chess as an urban warfare. Giving it a sharp silhouettes   chicness by using simple colour hues such as white, black and grey and also conveying a luxurious  aesthetic. See for yourselves and you can always check them out to see more of their work and see what goes on during production Here

*This is a sponsor post but all opinions are honestly mine whatsoever.

PS: A big surprise is coming your way soon, so stick around to find out, I am so in the Christmas Spirit already (that's supposedly a hint).
Thank you all for reading and till next post take care of you.
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  1. beautiful post!!Your blog is so lovely! I'm thinking, if you want, we can follow each other! It would be great!!
    xoxo Gloria

  2. Hi doll, thanks for introducing us to this brand, i appreciate chic cleans lines with finesse! Do you celebrate anything like Thanksgiving in greece?

  3. Hiya lovely! I am also getting into the Christmas spirit recently. This collection looks nice, I love the second dress. xx/Madison

  4. Such beautiful looks! I really am inspired! I don't wear a lot of black but these outfits make me want to! So pretty!


  5. All these looks are gorgeous! I am getting excited about Christmas shopping!

  6. Beautiful and feminine clothes! Thanks for sharing.


  7. Great post,honey!;)

  8. Interesting. Love that!

    xo, G
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  9. Simple,chic,feminine.So glad I came across your blog.Following you now!Stop by whenever you like,it would make me happy!kisses Coco

  10. great post, love the simple but sophisticated cut of the dresses!
    happy holidays, I feel the spirit too!

    Lots of Love,
    Shubhi's Revels!

    Shubhi'sRevels! on Facebook

  11. Loveely photos, everyone of the models looks great! Can't wait to see the surprise..

  12. Hi hun :) thanks for the comment! but maybe you didnt read it properly because i specifically stressed that I DONT mind anyone relaxing their hair (because everyone has their reasons, its ok if u just LIKE straight hair more).. i said its SAD that majority of black women do NOT wear their hair in its natural state.. xx

  13. Hi dear, I have to agree with over the K-Klan, their Tv show and ever-presence in the media is overbearing, I think the younger ones are more simmered down, for now that is.

  14. What a gorgeous line! I love the looks and I am so excited that you had to chance to view it.

  15. Great photos !

  16. Such gorgeous looks! Thanks for sharing




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