Cutest Fashion Video Ever

Happy weekend lovelies!!
I am sure you are all glad it is Saturday!!!
I am glad it is weekend and I will get to meet up with friends and family, get to watch the Sunday match past for the Greek Independence, I just pray we won't have any violence like last year again.
I was reading through blogs and on line magazines last night when I find an awesome and cutest video ever and I was really amazed I wanted to share it with you all.
Most of you might have thought of doing this and most might thought it is totally wrong to do , but I love the cuteness and I think really no harm is done.
It is a video put together by The Coveteur for the relaunching of their website, every fashion significant person was there, from Karl Lagerfield, Anna Dello Russo, the Man Reppeler, BryanBoy, Rachel Zoe to the famous fashion cat Choupette.
So what is so cute about this is that they are all kids!!!

Have you ever thought of dressing up your little niece or sister as a fashionable "grown up"? here is your chance to try.
The cutest is Anna Wintour and I am still smiling and laughing, you got to watch this video

Till next post, take care and enjoy your weekend whatever you do!


  1. where this video come from?? funny and well made!!was is made by that thing?


  2. Such a cute video! Love the mini Rachel and mini Anna.


  3. Awww..this is so adorable! When I have children, I'm definitely going to dress them up!

  4. I saw it yesterday, it's gorgeous i'm still laughing!!! Happy weekend!!! xoxo

  5. ahahahaha love that! Super cute!

    xo, G
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  6. Awesome! <3

  7. Haha, I love this! So adorable, and the little ones totally resemble them. xx

  8. Hi babe, you look so styling in that pic, lovely head scarf. This video is the cutest thing I've seen, these adorable kids are like minims of everyone in fashion. Too adorable!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. This is so cute :)

  10. Cute video! Girls like make up and fashion since they are so little!

  11. τι γλυκουλιαα!!! χαχαχααα αχ αυτα τα κοριτσακια απο μικρα ολο να φτιαχνομαστε κ να κανουμε τις μεγαλες θελουμε!
    εκτος απο οταν πια μεγαλωσουμε που θελουμε να μαστε παλι κοριτσακια!

    πολυ ωραια αναρτηση γλυκια μου!

  12. cute vid for sure!!

  13. super cute!!!! :)


  14. I swear this is too adorable!!! Thank you for sharing xx

  15. Such a funny and creative video...must share!!!!

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  17. Oh my, this is definitely the cutest thing ever! Such an amazing idea, and so well executed! Those kids are so fabulous!
    Happy Sunday from your newest follower :)

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  18. an exellent post!!!!!-)))))))))))))))
    kisses from Greece


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