Apple Vinegar for Homemade Beauty

Hello darlings!
Thank you all firstly for your support!
I am officially done with my degree, my thesis presentation was great and yesterday was one of those days I feel so grateful for the strength of God in my life and also the love/support/guidance of everyone in my life.
I know it is been a while I have done this kind of post, but I really wanted to share this and I am thinking of doing this more on a regular basis.

So we all know that most of the things in our kitchen are also miracle workers in our bathroom right?
We have learnt about how to use strawberries for pearly white teeth here, today we are learning how to turn our bottle of apple vinegar  into a miraculous hair and skin remedy.

  1. 1.Clear face: If you have an annoying oily skin like mine or even if you don't this little bottle is a great astringent and also balance your face's PH level. Mix a half-and-half portion with water and use as a daily toner before your moisturiser.
  2. Smooth skin: Vinegar is acidic, so it also closes the pores of the skin and makes it looking healthy and shiny. Mix a portion with your body cream for healthy smooth skin, a bonus that is also smell good.
  3. Healing bath: Mix with your bath water to heal your itchy skin.
  4.  Brass-free hair: To avoid shampoo and conditioner residues that cause heavy and rough hair, add five drops of vinegar in a bowl of cold water to rinse your hair after conditioning and leave it (don't wash out) in to de-brass your hair strands.
  5.  Healthy scalp: The antifungal attributes of that little bottle help to eliminate the white flakes on the scalp caused by dandruff. Mix with half a bottle of water and half vinegar in a spray bottle and spray your hair and scalp daily.

These are no things I am just writing ,I read about them a while ago and  I have tried them all for a very long time and still is doing this as my regime and it is so cheap and effective too.
You don't need to spend a fortune, just head to the grocery store and grab you apple vinegar bottle that is less than 50 cent here in Greece. You can also find it in any local supermarket.
I am so happy to share these tips and I hope you will like them too and find them effective.
Do you want more post like this?
Till next post, love you all and Have a wonderful weekend!!!
Adeola Naomi


  1. ναι ναι να βαζεις κ αλλα τετοια ποστ!!
    συγχαρητηρια για το πτυχιο σου καλη μου!
    πολυ ομορφη αναρτηση!

  2. I would love to read more posts like this, it's cool to know how to use edible stuff as cosmetics, cleansing or such :) Keep it coming, honey! <3

  3. HI Naomi, I will say it again...Congratulations, so thrilled for you. Had no idea how useful apple cider vinegar was, I know I have a bottle somewhere, I need to put it to beauty use!

  4. this is great.. i love diy beauty tips!! :) xxx & thanks hun for the comment

  5. Congrats huni :) delighted for you x

  6. CONGRATS on finishing your degree! That's so exciting!!
    And these tips are so great- who knew that an apple could be so handy?!?
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  7. I've heard such amazing things about this vinegar, this has reminded me to try it out

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this! I've been looking for a remedy for my oily skin and this is perfect!

  9. I used to do a lot of research regarding beauty tips!! ofcourse would love to see more post like's our face we are talking about!! Sorry I didn't have a chance to call you.....I have very very week internet access for these 2 days!!! crazy!!!!

    xoxoxo..and miss u:)

  10. Great to hear that you've finalised your thesis. Congratulations! Yes, would be lovely if you published beauty tips like these more often!

  11. Congratulations! I'm glad everything went great with your studies!
    Great post! Very helpful!

  12. *love the tips*

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  13. Congrats, sweetie! That's wonderful news.

    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for this beauty tip :) xoxo

  14. Congrats on your degree. Love the tips dear!


  15. I didn't know that recipe for beauty.
    Thanks for sharing! And congrats for your degree ;)

    xo, G
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  16. Posts like this are great. I knew that vinegar can do miracles, but never knew that in SO many ways ;) Thanks for sharing these tips. Congratulations on your degree, dear! Have a fabulous weekend ;)
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  17. I had no idea apple vinegar could be so multipurpose. Congratulations on finishing. Your degree!!

  18. Hi there! I love your blog, and now I'm following you. I'll be happier if you follow me back :)

  19. Hi dear, thanks for your comment, wishing you a fantastic weekend!

  20. I've heard that vinegar is good for you skin! Lovely post! Great tips :)

  21. Great post! Thanks for the awesome ideas!

  22. great information, very useful.. i like this blog, what do you think about following each other?

  23. First of all, congratulations on all your achievements!! Your thankful heart is so inspiring :)
    Second, thanks so much for sharing all these tips. I’ll get on them right away!!

  24. I've always known that apples are healthy, but never tried them for something like this. This was an interesting and useful information :)

    Sun and Sany


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