My Big Greek Vacation Haul

Hello lovers!
How is your week so far?
I have been all work and training, all my muscles are a bit sore, this happen every year after a break the first week is always hard.
Aside from that I am not complaining, it feels good to be back and get to back to business.
I love all your comments and feedback on my vacation posts, you all have been so lovely.
I have so many other beautiful pictures of amazing cities, I just don't wanna bore you all with them.
I am sharing in this post pictures of all the shopping that went during the Holiday.
Since the vacation was Greek conscious, so is also most of my shopping, which means I BUY MOSTLY GREEK PRODUCT at least I tried.
So don't mind the first picture, its a funny and favourite scene of Barney fishing with his father, if you are a fan of HIMYM you already know that.

  Olive oil Soap, I bought this in Monastiraki tourist market, they are made from pure Olive oil extract and have some fridge magnet of some Athens monuments. Don't you also love collect items from different places? I collect Magnets.

A Maxi dress I bought from a Thessaloniki at a local store called Kelly's, I also bought the white belt below from there.

OK so this top is not actually from a local store, I bought this from Pull&Bear. I love the pearls details.

I bought this amazing mint lace skirt from Pink Woman, I am not sure but I heard its a Greek company.

Shopping bags.

 Top from Bershka.

Passport cover from H&M for me and my sisters.

Top from Bershka for my sister.

A sequin top I love immediately I set me eyes on them, from Bershka.

 Another one for my sister.

 Tee shirts from Bershka , I love the prints actually.

A very good bargain from Bershka , I love the "crocodile skin " and colour.

I bought this nail polishes from a small shop in Hydra, they are made actually made in Athens I heard. Beautyline Product.
My hands and face "saviour products from Apivita (Greek Drugstore Cosmetics Company).

The Body Shop Products, they are just a very wonderful company in so many ways.
Fair trade product, no animal testing, containers made from recycled plastics,and also skin friendly ingredients.
More to come on these products, a review perhaps if you wishes.
That's it s for my babbling today, enjoy the rest of your week lovelies.
PS: Check out my question and poll and help me out of a dilemma here.
Thank you.


  1. I love your new shoes! The colour is gorgeous and the 100% natural olive soap sounds like it'd be good.

  2. Looks like you were able to buy plenty of items during your vacation. :)

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  3. I remember that funny movie!!

    Loving your blog,

  4. You bought so many cute items! I love your shoes! Very cool!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  5. Love Body Shop products, so so good! Wish you a nice wee too!

  6. WOW!so many great things,honey!;)

  7. You got some amazing stuff! I have the same passport cover, but in mint color. :)

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  8. wow you got some fab stuff :)

  9. Lovely blog!! Would you like to follow each other on GFC and FACEBOOK?
    Stephilà Creations-Myfashionblog

  10. Great post !

    Like your style girl ;)

    You look amazing
    If you have the time you are always welcome on my blog :)

    I just wanted to let you know I’ll be following you around from now


  11. my muscles are sore too :( so many lovely pieces!


  12. ahhh...I want them!!! I wanna try the olive soap...the watermelon lotion!!! hmmm..gonna taste amazing:)..also, Love your shoes:)...I definitely want to see more of you photos and you wont make me bore I promise:)

    have a great day:)

    EDGYMIX-Travel for Fashion”

  13. Φανταστικές γόβες!!! Τις θέλω και εγώ!!!!!!! Φιλιά και καλοφόρετα!!!!

  14. love it!


  15. Great!!!!!


  16. Hi sweety, how are you. Ohhh this is such a fabulous shopping haul, you have the best taste, I am loving all the clothes you bought, the orange dress is stunning, can't wait to see it in an outfit post. Passport holders are so cute. The silver sequined top is a winner and those pink heels - woweeee!

  17. So many great new stuff :) great vacation haul ;) xxN.

  18. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  19. mmmm love bodyshop!
    we're having a giveaway on our blog - join! :-)

  20. Looks like you did REAL well over there! Love the Aztec print tee and the smilie one too!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your gorgeous comment. Have a lovely day!

  21. so cute! love it :)


  22. Cute pieces. Really love the white Ts and the pumps.

  23. La jupe bleu est tres belle!J'aime beaucoup
    Angela Donava

  24. Love this film dear!
    x the cookies

  25. Thanks for stopping by and providing your style insight!

  26. Some great finds you've got there! I'd love for you to come visit my blog!! :)


  27. You've gotten some great buys, I love and use olive soap as well. That orange lace maxi is beautiful. I can already see it on you! xo Have a great weekend.


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