Track Runner Off to Another Championship,

 Hello dears!!!!
I just finished backing my bags for my trip to another championship in Patra, here in Greece and I just feel like you deserve to see this photos of me there also last year, far before I started blogging.
Have a relaxed weekend lovelies, do you have any plans? I can't wait for all my races to finish , so my summer beachy weekends will start.
Whatever you decide to do this weekend, wether its staying in, going to the beach or partying the weekend away. Just have fun 

finishing first at the 400 metres race, an hour and half after the 800 metres

first lap of the 800 metres races, I came second.

Wish me all the lucks and keep your fingers tightly crossed.
Kisses  and see you all again next week , lets pray its will be good news.


  1. I am your new follower!Love your blog and I give you an award for this! Check my blog to get it!!
    I have also studied at Ioannina!

  2. I want your body!!!


  3. συγχαρητήρια!!!!
    καλή σου επιτυχία στους επόμενους αγώνες!!!!

  4. Fingers crossed and good luck hun :D x

  5. I've been sending my wishes and prayers for you, love! Hope your championship goes all well! ♥ xoxo

  6. Great photos! It's like watching sports news, like the world for me.
    Keep this way, girl!!


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