Monday Mornings

Happy Easter to all the rest of the World expect for us in Greece and Russia that will celebrate this  weekend!!!
Happy Monday!!!
The first  week is officially over and new the new week is here!!!!!!
Thanks to God, it was one of the most amazing weeks ever for me from the beginning to end, with lot of great things and some disappointment, its all part of life right?
Oh am so sorry, how was your week and weekend? Do you have any funny/interesting fact or event you wanna share?

Oh and thanks a lot for your patience and sticking around, even though I have been so busy lately.
For my absence am going to write a very long post and share almost everything with you, so my week started off amazing, with the internship the people are great and accommodative, I was even assigned my own patient!!! (So glad, even though its a bit early).
On the other hand I was disappointed and so is my coach and all other Athletes and coaches, since the Greek national track and field board and Olympic committee   announced on  Wednesday that due to financial difficulties all championships are now cancelled until further notice, am so sad because I have been working so much this year and deep in me I still hope the situation will be reversed and things will be resolved.
Now let me give you all a big huge hug from the computer for you love/support and for sticking around, while I was so busy through the week I received four Awards for me and my blog , am so so happy and very touched.
Here they are:
1.Spring Award from my amazing blogger/friend Daphne from the blog Crush with Eyeliner

 Thank you so much Darling and I also wish you an amazing and fabulous Spring!!!
2.The 'Cherry on Top" Award from three different wonderful bloggers and friends, Deppy from the blog Cute&GirlyDMS , Despoina from the blog and from lovely Sissi from the blog Sissi's place . You are all amazing in your own ways girls!!
Thank you so much!!!
These awards has usual come with instructions for me to also choose blogs i enjoy and love and give the awards to them. Since I love all of you my beloveth followers and I have gain so much from all of you, as inspirations, love, support, care and kindness. I decided to wholeheartedly  give these awards to ALL of you, my lovely readers and followers!!!!
Not to forget I was also very lucky so far, I won two amazing giveaways in a very little period of time for the first time ever Hooray!!!!
The first giveaway from the is a complete make up set from Avon Cosmetics

The second giveaway is from the and Jewels by Peggy, a set of beautiful charms bracelets

This post was supposed to be posted yesterday initially, but I was at Thessaloniki with my Coach for some Athletic honours meeting and also picking up a co-athlete and friend from the airport, she is here from Cyprus for the Holidays!!!
I will keep up with all your blogs dearies and am wishing you all a fabulous and amazing week!!!
Hello to my new readers and introduce yourselves dear!!!
Keep up with me on twitter and Facebook.
Kisses and love you all!


  1. Happy Easter to you too! hope you had fun and ate a lot of eggs!

    xoxo, andie
    Fashionista's Pick

  2. WOW! Busy girl!! thanks for taking time out to let us know whats going on. I hope everything works out and your dissapointment changes to hapiness.

    Happy easter to you too

  3. Thank you for the nice comment in my blog :)

    Would you like to follow each other?


  4. Glad you had a wodnerful week and that you're liking your internship! Hope this week treats you well :) xoxo

  5. Happy easter and congrats on winning those giveaways!
    Lucky you!

  6. Happy holidays to you as well!!
    Thanks for the comment!!

  7. Hi sweety, hope you had a wonderful easter. Sounds like a fulfilling week, well done on the internship and sorry to hear about the cancellation. I believe everything happens for a reason and better things are in store for you. Great make-up products, love the shade of that lipstick

  8. Συγχαρητήρια για το βραβειάκι και το δωράκι που κέρδισες!! :)

  9. love your bangles!


  10. Hope you had an amazing weekend! cool products!

  11. Happy Easter! I am sorry to hear that the championships were cancelled due to funding...

  12. sounds like you had a busy week! hope that you enjoyed your Easter!

  13. haha- so true- my orthodox friend doesnt celebrate the resurrection till this weekend! :) happy Resurrection sunday girl!
    thanks for the visit!

    God bless always


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