Recap: Milan fashion week top ten A/W 2012

Hey my fashion lovers!!!
I am sincerely so sorry for taking this long, but believe me its not easy picking my top ten in Milan.
Most of the shows were AMAZING and that make it very hard for me to come up with just ten shows, to cut the chase, here are my top ten even though I love most of the shows for totally different reasons and I am very sure your top ten might be totally different from mine.
That is also good though, it shows that Milan provide a good show for everyone, no matter the taste and calibre.
Oh and this is in a total random order.

Do you agree with mine tens and if not what are yours?

Alberta Feretti
The show was a great success in my personal opinion and it totally left me speechless and blown away. The dresses are all so sleek and sexy in a confident and “bossy” way. A couple of dresses at end of the show reminded us all, of the designer's usual stance: romantic, floaty, and slightly vintagish. Quoting the designer from what I read in the British Vogue site: "I'm projecting my woman into the future," she said. "The world is very hard at the moment, and a woman needs to be strong, because she has an important role to play in society."
Love the dichotomy and the Masculine appearance to the feminism of Alberta. To make her point clearer, she kept the palette monochromatic.

Roberto Cavalli
Oh dears , you don't need my babbling about it again, a post is here already my lovelies.

Dolce and Gabbana
Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana set the stage for their latest show with chandeliers festooned in real flowers and vines along with an enormous gilded mirror that was propped at the end of the runway. It was quite a site to behold, even though I am a colour person I love seeing colourful shows, but I was still so amazed by the D&G final show even though it was mostly black and white. I loved every dress and every details, accessories, the bags/clutches, earrings my gosh were as usual amazing and stunning. The inspiration of the show from a religious and artistic aspect is totally breathtaking.

I want this earrings!!!

Some designers in Milan may be feeling dark and moody, but not Dsquared²'s Dan and Dean Caten. Their show was “high school prom” themed, colourful, youthful, sixties and chic. I can see myself wearing all of their pieces. A Dsquared girl is a “bad” girl rather than “good” and I love it.

I will wear this to prom or even to my Graduation 

Emilio Pucci
Way to go Peter Dundas!!!
Amazing collections and yes you sure know how to dress a woman.
I recalled hearing him say in an interview “I make clothes that are meant to be taken of” and seeing this collection make me agree more. He is all progressing and proven his talent, not that he needs to, but he is.

Uniting leather jacket and wool coat in one piece; combining shine and matte, kilt and skirt, cape and shirt; bringing together plant and animal in a fur coat that vibrantly captured the colours of a wild orchid. Fur looked like candy-hued synthetic, wool looked like nubbly multicolored fur. The Show was luxurious, exquisite, tribal, retro edge in the details and just wonderful.

Please do tell me what this is ? really? ? ?

Reflecting Silvia's love for technology and Karl’s legendary fashion taste and his digitalism.

Giorgio Armani
Easy Chic was his title for the collection. Back cuts in dress, geometrical cuts and tailoring, vibrant and beautiful colours. Tell me what is not to love? One major thing that I will try out if I ever gor it right is the models eye make up and eyeliner trick, they are beautiful. I loved all the details and accessories and did you see the VIBRANT coloured fur coat?  

This coat is my Favourite!!!

Confidence, sexy, body hugging, sassy and feminine. A palette that revolved around plum, bottle green, espresso, and jet. Romantic, Nocturnal and also kind of dramatic too, love this too, can’t help it. 

The show was Innovative and awesome creation with a message to pass out. The designer said the collection is all about the pleasure of Fashion, do you agree?

Donatella Rock the runway with great dresses and every piece was feminine, powerful, and reveal the strength a woman vibrates with her attire.
It was also the seamed, studded leather; the long-sleeve, throat-tight coat-dresses; the armorlike corsets; the chain mail clashing with opulent astrakhan—all of it shouting out protection and defiance. In the same spirit, Donatella hit hazmat orange and chrome yellow hard as accents that sparked in the dark.

Donatella certainly brought down the curtain on robotic retro-futurism.” Quoting
Pictures via, British Vogue,,Fendi's site,
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