Star Stunned January : Sharing the same month with Mentor and Crush

Hey Divas!!! I decided to have a post of all the celebrities/models/designer or even Princess i share this beautiful month of the Year with,
I was born on the 11th of the first month of the year and as i am going to show this month is really a successful fulled month with a lot of successful people born in it, it is my favorite time of the year, you have the opportunity to  start afresh if you don't like how the previous year ends, and to keep moving to your goals!
Enjoy the Beauty of January
actress Kate Bosworth  January 2nd 
actress January Jones January 5th
model Irina Shayk January 6
actor Nicolas Cage January 7
fashion designer Carolina Herrera January 8th

actress Nina Dobrev January 9th

Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Catherine Middleton  January 10th

singer Rod Stewart, January 10th

singer Mary J. Blige January 11

 Sharing the day with Mary J. Blige is terrific , she is one of my best female Singers , all her songs always touch me one way or the other, whether sad/ angry/loved/ patience, she always pass a message, more grease to your elbow M.J.B <3 you!


model Georgia May Jagger January 12th
            actor Patrick Demsey January 13
     model Angela Lindvall January 14
model Karen Elson January 15

      model Monika Jagaciak January 15

One of my favorite Supermodel Kate Moss January 16

First Lady Michelle Obama or Mrs O January 17

Song writer and Singer Estelle, January 18
singer Dolly Parton January 19
model Erin Wasson, January 20.

model Sasha Pivovarova, January 21.

model & VS Angel  Doutzen Kroes, january 23
actress Mischa Barton, January 24.

singer Alicia Keys,January 25.
 television personality Ellen DeGeneres, January 26.
 television personality and a woman i respect a lot and also look up to Oprah Winfrey,January 29.
And lastly pop superstar , actor, and my Gorgeous Teen Crush JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE  January 31!!!!
These are a few of the people i share the Lovely month of January with, and Don't tell me you were never in love at a time with Justin Timberlake please?
Hope i can get to meet Oprah in the near Future.
XXX my lovelies , love you all and thank you for bearing with my babbling


  1. Full of nice people's bithday is January!
    Have a lovely new month!
    Miss Starshiny

  2. i have a feeling you would be great fun at a party. am i right? those pics of you made me smile. i actually went to a N'Sync concert back in the day, & i crushed on lance. i was an idiot.

    1. I am a party spirit and i actually worked as a party planner last year,oh lucky you for been at the concert back then, i have seen Justin Once at a premiere in London!!!

  3. What a great post
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  4. wow such an inspiration post love all the pictures no wonder you love them love them too LOL thansk so much for stoping by my blog following hope you follow me back as you said kisses great blog sweetie

    1. Thank you too, your blog is great am following!!!

  5. Beautiful! :)

  6. sure thing hun, following now :) and what an amazing idea to find out all the celebrities that have the same bday! wow!

  7. great collection of pictures. I love sasha Pivovarova and Michelle Obama the most. Thanks for invaiting me to your blog and follow you (hope follow me back as you said).

    1. Thank you and i am already following your blog!!!

  8. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog Dear!
    I'm following you now..and Mary J Blige is one of my favorite singers too! :-)

    1. You are welcome dear!!
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    1. You are welcome and am already following you too!!!

  12. ha.. judging by your excitement you probably won't believe me but I hate and always have hated justin timberlake.. he's just not that attractive to me at all.. It's just his whole look and personality, I think he considers himself too awesome.. I hate cocky guys.. I'm sorry... I'm more into Johnny Depp, James Franco, Jim Morrison kind of guys... but cool post. lots of interesting people were born this month.. carolina herrera is a huge inspiration 'cause she's latin like me and went ahead with her dream of becoming a fashion designer and now she's on top... I wish I get there too some day.. thanks for stopping by my blog! stay cool! and hope you enjoyed your birthday

    1. Yes, i agree on Carolina Herrera, she is one of the great Designers and i pray for you to get there too someday since that is your dream.
      And oh i can't believe you actually hate JT, i always believe it is impossible to find someone that will hate him.

  13. Replies
    1. Gorgeous pic - she is sooo pretty!



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